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So if you’ve been on keto a while, you definitely know what a chocolate is. In fact, sarah and i published a video called the only truffle recipe. You’ll ever need seriously in february of 2020 and you guys seem to really enjoy it, but we thought.

Could we make perfect even more perfect, so we set out on a search on the internet to find something that we can add to our chapels to make them even better. So what we’re going to do? Is we’re going to make our original truffle recipe right? Now? We’re, going to make three of those, and then we’re, going to try a couple of the tweaks that we figured out and we’re going to see which topple we like better.

Let’s. Get started making those original chapels. Are you ready? Sarah yeah, i’m ready, let’s. Do it so we’re, going to start off with our basic chocolate recipe. We did a video of this a long time ago, but we’ll quickly run through the recipe for you guys.

So this recipe is for three truffles, but you can easily double this recipe to make. As many as you want, you’re gonna start off with one cup of low, moisture, mozzarella, cheese, two tablespoons of almond flour, one fourth teaspoon of baking soda and one egg.

You can always add additional things for this recipe, like thyme rosemary. We even like garlic powder, but you can really make these chapels your own. In order to make these chapels, we’re, going to be using a dash, mini waffle maker.

We will link to the one that we use in the description below you’re, going to heat up your toffee maker, and then you’re, going to take a heaping out of the chocolate mixture i like to use this 1 8 Cup measuring spoon and you’re, going to spread it evenly on the waffle maker.

You’re, going to close the lid and you’re, going to wait for the light to turn off and then it’s, going to be ready. It’s, really important that, after you’re done cooking, the truffle that you put it on a cooling rack, because it’s, going to help with making it more crispy.

So here we have our truffles that we made and they’ve, been on this rack for a couple minutes, and you can already hear that they’re, getting kind of crispy. If you didn’t know, facebook is a great place to research, different low carb recipes.

I’m actually in a giant choco group, and i was looking at a way to maybe like improve on our basic chapel. So we’re, going to take a few ingredients that you might have in your house already and try to make this truffle recipe even better.

We’ve, never made this before. So it’s kind of an experiment. We already really like our basic chocolate recipe, but we’re, hoping by adding these ingredients and making these few tweaks. We’re, going to take our truffle to the next level, so i actually have here um sargento’s, low, moisture mozzarella, shredded cheese.

I actually like the 365 mozzarella cheese best for my chocolate recipes because i feel like it does really have the lowest amount of moisture. Out of all the other cheeses that i’ve tried. This one will make a thicker truffle, but the 365 one that you can find at whole foods really makes a crispy chocolate in my opinion, but we’re gonna be using.

This is because this is all i have, so we’re gonna be adding this to our bowl. This is one cup we’re gonna be using same amount of almond flour. This is two tablespoons of almond flour into our bowl and the first tweak or special ingredient that we’re going to be using in this recipe is actually xanthan gum.

We’ve, been using this more and more in our low carb and keto cooking. They say that adding xanthan gum to your mixture actually acts like kind of like a fake gluten and makes it taste more like bread, so that’s.

What we’re, going to do so, we’re, actually going to be adding in one half teaspoon of xanthan gum. Zam gum is very absorbent, so you want to make sure that you sprinkle it evenly into your mixture so that it doesn’t clump up, i’m, going to be adding the egg afterward so that it doesn’t Clump up right away, i think that if you just added this into a wet mixture, it would just expand right away.

I’m going to incorporate this before we add our wet ingredient. So if you are allergic to nuts or almonds, you can substitute the almond flour for coconut flour or psyllium husk. I have not used psyllium husk in this recipe yet, but i’ve heard other people use it with a lot of success.

So one thing that people complain about when they’re eating their truffle is that it tastes too eggy. So we’re gonna try to counteract this by only putting the egg whites and leaving the egg yolk out of our batter.

I’m, going to try to do this by putting it back and forth. I can successfully do this off camera, but not so much on camera. So let’s see here. You’re very close to me right now. Okay, so here we go that did not work, but you can use your eggshell to actually scoop it up.

I know voila easy way to separate your egg yolk from your egg. Whites so put this aside, use that for something else maybe make like some mayonnaise or something with that, a single egg yolk right, i don’t know i don’t want to wait, be wasteful okay.

So now i’m going to put in our egg whites and i’m going to mix to combine it remember the xanthan gum is in there, so you’re going to want to mix it quickly quickly. It’s looking incorporated, but i’m just going to keep stirring it for a little bit longer give it a second.

You want the xanthan gum to kind of expand a little bit before you cook it. I would think this is all an experiment: it’s, definitely drier than my other basic truffle recipe, dough dough. If you will there’s, no flour actually, but it’s, actually getting a little stiff.

So maybe that something’s happening, so our topple mixture is combined and we’re, going to take a heaping amount, which i’m using this 1 8 cup, and we’re, going to put it right In the middle of our chocolate maker, it’s.

Definitely a stiffer batter than our other one. Our truffle maker is nice and heated up, and here we go. I like to flatten it make sure that there’s, no thick parts, okay and close it. It looks different for sure yeah.

I’m, hoping that we can make this recipe even better by emitting a few things and tweaking it a little bit. You know you’re, never gonna know. Unless you try it out. It already smells less eggy to me.

So, okay guys so it’s been a couple minutes. The light has turned off and we’re, going to check on our truffle and see how it looks in comparison to our basic chapel recipe. I’m scared. Okay, so i didn’t.

Obviously didn’t, spread it evenly enough, but it’s. Definitely crispier whoa, oh whoa. Definitely crispier! First, coming out, i’m gonna make the other two truffles, and then we’re gonna have a taste test to see which one prevails or basic tropical recipe or the new.

Maybe the new and improved version. So here we have it so this is the original recipe truffle that we made back in february of 2020.. Here you go, and this is the new and improved, maybe version of the truffle right here.

First of all, i just want to say that the color is quite different. This truffle is fine. We’re, the only ones eating this. I’ve eaten worse and i’m kidding. I’ve eaten serious. I’ve, eaten a lot of serious cooking, so i’ve eaten.

I’m kidding so right off the bat you can see that the color is very different in these two. This one is very light, and this in comparison is very dark. I can even tell that it’s crispy. This one looks less dense than this one right.

This is definitely thicker on the inside. This one looks more airy and it ‘ S actually got holes in it like bread would mm-hmm. What is that that one doesn’t have as many pockets of air in it. So maybe the xanthan gum did act like kind of like gluten in it.

It’s kind of crazy all right. So why don’t? We try. We’re, going to try a bite of the old one. Uh buy. You, the new one and then a bite of the old one yeah. So wait. I’ll. Just give you this: okay, okay! So so this is our um, our plastic.

It’s, a little thicker. Definitely it’s. Still good, though dip this in a soup croutons on a salad, mm-hmm, i haven’t had a chocolate. I know, because what door county, no maybe like a month, definitely different.

Texture, okay, crispy thin this one’s better. This kind of tastes like a cheez-it to me, almost i don’t, know about you. It’s. Crispier it’s lighter you know, truffles are very, very filling. Have you ever had a burger with two tacos? I can barely even finish it area to me.

It was like, even though we had the same amount of ingredients. It was less wet um because we didn’t include the egg yolk and it’s less eggy too. So it’s, a thinner truffle, but that’s. Okay, because chocolates can be a little bit.

You know dense and thick and um. I think this would be perfect on like a cheese sandwich or a sandwich. Oh yeah wow. It’s, almost bread like in the in the middle too. What do you think? I think it’s. Amazing, it looks like this is the new recipe that you need.

The differences are just wrap it up. We took out the egg yolk out of the batter, so you’re, going to use just the whites and we also added in xanthan gum and we let it set up and we mixed it thoroughly.

We made sure to spread it really thin on the truffle maker and i think that’s. What’s going to give you like a really light and airy truffle don’t. Add too much onto your chocolate maker seriously. This is the only other truffle recipe that you need.

If you don’t have xanthan gum. I still feel like this is a great chapel, but if you do have xanthelab try it out it’s. You can buy on amazon for, like 10 bucks for a giant bag and you’re, never gonna use all that yeah.

You use like a teaspoon at a time. Maybe this is about half a teaspoon for three truffles. So if you want to make six truffles, you’re gonna use a teaspoon, and if you have never used xanthan gum before you can use it to thicken, like gravy sticking desserts or whatever i don’t know there’s tons of different uses.

You can make um heavenly fans french fries with it. So if you haven’t tried, xanthan gum definitely buy it. We’ll, leave a link in the description below. So after we’re done with this video, i’m actually making more because my husband requested that i make like enough to last us because we actually have like bought sandwich meat to make like sandwiches for dinner and stuff like that.

So we’re, going to be using the truffles as the bread and i’m, going to make a whole batch of them, and i’m, going to keep them in a little container plastic container that we can link Down below it’s, a perfect container for these sized chapels and we’re, going to put little parchment rounds right in between to keep them all separated.

We’ll leave links to all these products in the description below. If you guys want to check it out, it’s, the perfect way to store your topples. If you guys found value in this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel when you give it a thumbs up, it tells us and youtube that you like this video, and so it helps us, make more content like this, and you know The possibilities for chapels are endless, and if you would like to see one of our favorite recipes with the chapel, which we haven’t had in a long time i’m gonna have to make it you can click on this Video, it’s, our recipe for a shrimp po boy, fried choppel, and it is really really good.

So click this link and we’ll, see you over there anyway. I’m emily and i’m. Sarah, and we are the kids signing out

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