Hey welcome back. This is Michelle spring from driving on paleo and today I want to share five different, one-minute or really quick, snack ideas that you can eat while on AIP or paleo. You may have already seen a couple of my AIP or autoimmune protocol snack ideas, videos already and if not, I’ll, make sure I link to those up here wherever they are just so, you can get a sense of all of the different snack Ideas that you can have, but today I want to share five different ones that are really really quick to make ones that you can just like whip up.

In no time I mean that snack attack hits so shall we go ahead and do it [ Music, ], [, Music, ], the first one we’re gonna make our apple slices covered with cinnamon and coconut butter. I’m gonna do is just slice an apple and then sprinkle it with cinnamon and then drizzle it with melted, coconut butter.

It’s, really easy, really quick and it’s. A nice little sweet, snack, [, Music, ] it doesn’t, get much easier than this one, which is just an avocado that has been half and then sprinkled with sea salt and lime juice.

It’s super easy, but it’s very satiating keeps you full and is full of good, healthy fats, and if you like, avocado, then the next one’s, gonna be great. For you, too, it’s, just a really really quick guacamole.

You just need to put a half an avocado into a bowl. You could do a whole one to sprinkle, lime, juice, sea, salt, a little garlic powder, splash of apple cider, vinegar and a little bit of fresh cilantro mix it all up with a fork mashing it as you go and I like to serve mine with plantain chips.

It’s, just a really good fun little snack. The next one is tuna, with olives over zucchini or cucumber it’s really up to you. I use zucchini because I have a ton of it right now in my garden and to a can of tuna, you want to add apple, cider, vinegar, sea salt, olive oil and I put a little dried parsley in mine mix it all together, breaking it up with A fork and then add it on top of your little zucchini or cucumber rounds, [ Music, ], and then I put it in olive on top of each one.

I, like the kalamata olives, to the flavor, but you can use black or green or whatever kind you prefer: [, Music, ] and the final snack, our banana bites. You simply peel a banana slice it into thin rounds and then to each you put Tiger nut butter.

If you’re, doing autoimmune, paleo or AIP diet, or you can use regular nut butter through some paleo and then I sprinkle cinnamon and drizzle some honey on top for a really special treat, [ Music ] – and I hope you have enjoyed these one-minute Snack ideas for paleo and AIP and to see more of my stuff, make sure you subscribe and also make sure to get the link to my Paleo freebie library, below [, Music, ]

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