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Hey guys to be Wyatt here for Tippi tails on today’s episode. I am sharing with you my favorite, healthy ketta, snack [, Music, ], [ Applause, ]. Alright, guys we’re gonna start off this video with some crack.

We’re gonna start it off with some keto crack. This is our homemade beef, jerky Ryan. I have perfected this recipe. It is so damn good that we had to call it crack and it is so dangerous. We call it the danger zone.

Let me show you what it looks like if you want the recipe you have to do me a favor comment down below and let me know you want the recipe I don’t buy beef jerky anymore, not like the flat ones like this, because Ours is so good you just don’t want to pay the money for it and it’s really hard to find beef jerky that has no sugar and that’s, keto friendly, very hard, and if you do find It it is so expensive.

Ok, you got a step away from the crack Ryan. There you go ok! Next up, we have performance, nut butter so good. It only has four ingredients: macadamia nuts, cashews, coconut and Himalayan salt. This is really unlike anything I’ve ever had it’s hard to compare it to something because it’s so unique, but in a good way in a very good way.

So it’s. Got a nice balance, so you got the creaminess from the cashew and the macadamia nuts and you got a little hint of sweet from the coconut and then at the very end it finishes off with salt from the hill Malayan salt.

So I’m. Really happy that they have this in the individual package, because your girl can go overboard. It comes in a pack of ten and you can use my coat Tippie for 20 % off it’s. A danger zone, good bomb; amazing love.

It! Ok! Next up we have pork rinds and we have cuacamole. If you’re, a chips and dips person. This is gonna, be the winning combination here. So you’ve got pork rinds, which a lot of people say are dry when they eat it on their own.

The guacamole solves a problem. Ok, next up we have some cheese. This is Anna Tillamook, medium cheddar. I don’t eat a whole lot of cheese compared to the average person that does keto. But if I do eat cheese, I’m grabbing for this guy.

This is in the farm style thick cut. I personally find that if it’s cut this way, I don’t need a whole lot of it. I know that some people can go in eat blocks of cheese and they like that style, but I don’t.

Also, you could find this just about anywhere any supermarket here in the US will have it. I’m, not sure about the international markets, but very available to you. If you really want this next up, we have my coconut almond butter or peanut butter.

Fat bombs this one here, I did make a recipe tutorial on it. If you want to see how I made it, I’m gonna link it up in the info box here and down at the description box. They ‘ Ve only got one point, four of five grams of net carbs per piece.

Now I have to say this is dark chocolate. So if you’re, a dark chocolate fan, you’re gonna love this. But if you’re used to that really sweet milk chocolate, it’s, not gonna, be your thing, but you can always add sweetener, extra sweetener, vanilla or stevia to your batch.

Next up we have cucumbers and ranch. This is for all my veggie tray lovers out there. It’s, simple! It’s fresh its healthy. It’s delicious! Really? What more can you ask for? Next up, we have Costco’s mix nuts.

These are my favorite mix nuts. By far, if you’re, like me, you are picky AF with your nuts. When you go to the bulk section and you pick up nuts, they all taste the same. It’s like this blend of just almonds, for some reason or whatever other nuts they have majority of.

I hate that I love Costco’s because everything tastes like they should D me. Nuts tastes like macadamia nuts, the cashews taste like hash, is the almonds they taste like almonds, and that’s. Why I love it so much and also the value of it as well.

I think you’re gonna get the best. Bang for your buck with this and the quality is there. I think it even says: okay, it says premium quality. There we go next up. We have perfect Kito’s brand new nut butters okay, so they have three flavors here.

The first flavor is chocolate, hazelnut Ryan actually devoured, this, he loved it. So much love the packaging as well. My favorite flavor is snickerdoodle, and then they have a peanut butter or almond butter.

Excuse me and jelly flavor tastes exactly like PB & amp J, guys seriously. So everything tastes like what it’s supposed to taste like that’s, noodle tastes exactly like snickerdoodle, the chocolate hazelnut tastes.

Exactly like chocolate. Hazelnut kid you not it’s so good. I think you ‘ Ll. Go great with just anything, but personally I like to just savage it I like to see it by itself. I personally think this is their best product.

Yet by far I love it. Ryan hi have been munching on in the last few days and if you want to try it out, they’re, offering 15 % off their nut butters because he just launched it. So you could click the link in the description box below and it’s.

Gon na automatically apply 50 % to your checkout, or you can use the code tip e15 to your order and get 15 % off next up. We have pickles and the chili lime seasoning from Trader Joe’s. If you are a sour and spicy person, this is going to be your jam.

I grew up snacking on spicy and sour my whole entire life, so that’s. What I gravitate towards are more than sweet, so this is a perfect combination for that. Next up we have hardball eggs and chili oil.

I like to season the eggs with fleur de sel, which is my favorite salt. I’ll, leave it in the description box below and just ground, pepper and sprinkle, our chili oil. This is our homemade chili oil.

If you have not seen the recipe tutorial on that, I will link it up here in the info box and also down at the description box as well. It’s really really hard not to eat eggs with our homemade chili oil.

It’s almost impossible. I kid you not! So if you are following me on instagram, you know I do a whole lot of eggs and chili oil Ryan. I absolutely love it and lastly, we have the original keto crack. We started it with a new key to crack and we’re going to the og one and the og one happens to be the Trader.

Joe’s pecans. If you’ve seen my haul at Trader, Joe’s, you know I was obsessed with this one and I of still am people have actually bought it and they ‘ Ve sent me messages, saying thanks a whole lot.

So, just a quick warning to you once you pop it’s, gonna be hard to stop perfect crunch saltiness and roasted’no sever ething in bite. Alright, that wraps up my favorite keto snacks. What is your favorite, keto, snacks and out of all the ones I showed you, which ones have you tried? Which ones are you excited to try? Let me know down in the comments section below: if you didn’t hate, this video, give it a thumbs up.

It really helps out our channel. It helps us make more videos like this, for you, we love making it, but we got to know that you like it as well, if you have not subscribed, be sure to click that subscribe button and ring that notification bell it’s.

The only way that you’re gonna be notified on future Tippie tails. As always guys. We are signing off with some love and some gratitude. We will see you on the next tippy tails, [, Music ]. You

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