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Hi I’m chef, Lauren chef and blogger for guilt-free foody Coody here today, at the Community College of Philadelphia in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I’m gonna show you how to make a low-calorie ricotta cheese dessert.

Let’s get started. You can definitely add your own spin to this. I’m gonna show you how I do it so in this bowl. I just have some parts: skim, milk, ricotta cheese about a cup and a half. You’re gonna make more just use some more cheese.

We’re gonna start with half a teaspoon of cinnamon nice ground. Cinnamon you don’t need that much it’s just for flavoring. Okay and now you’re gonna do about one to two tablespoons of crushed nuts, nuts and ricotta cheese are just a great combination, perfect.

Now, just for a little bit of sweetness, we’re. Gon na add some honey. If you have a gava even better, so just do about one tablespoon of honey, that’s good and then my little secret additive to anything with ricotta cheese is rosewater.

If you don’t have rosewater that’s. Fine. I’m gonna use about one to two tablespoons. You can use about a teaspoon of vanilla and that would be the same thing different flavor altogether, but it ‘

Ll. Add that that complex, you know, think to your ricotta. To give you a nice fun dessert, flavor, perfect rosewater is a great it’s, nice and floral. It goes great in desserts. There is some savory items you can find with it, but just with cheese it’s great.

They use it. A lot of Indian food there’s, a ricotta cheese, rosewater, Indian dessert, that’s delicious. I’m just gonna mix this all together, you have a food processor at home, or a food emergere feel free to use that to really get your cheese a lot more creamier.

So some people don’t like the texture of ricotta cheese. It’s, sort of almost gritty. You know way, but if you use the food processor food emergere, whatever you can blend it up pretty well, alright! So that’s, what it’s, going to look like it’s, all mixed together, you get a little bit of nuts.

A little bit of sin then looks great to plate. This up, I’m, going to use a platter. What I have here is some sliced apples that I just coated in some lemon juice, so they wouldn’t, get Brown just like that.

The seeds out they look awesome. You just stick them on your platter. If you want to use cookies or kind of anything you want, as your you know, Avenue, to put the cheese on, you can do that. I’m just trying to keep it.

You know low carb, low calorie, pretty healthy, so what you’re, going to do, take each Apple and just put your cheese on one side, so somebody can actually pick up the other side and eat it, and you want to give it height.

Okay, now you want to make this look nice and pretty so I’m gonna take your extra nuts and go on top of each one. You want to give it a lot of color and a lot of texture to super healthy dessert, but you want to make people look at it and get all excited before they go to cha down.

Okay, can I hit it with a little bit of cinnamon? This looks awesome now just take a little piece of mint and put it on the top of each one. There you have it that is a low-calorie dessert with ricotta cheese.

Again I’m chef, Laura Han chef and blogger for guilt, free food eqt. Here today, at the Community College of Philadelphia enjoy

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