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The first time I tried the ketogenic diet, I failed miserably the second time I tried it. I knew how to cook cooking can make your life so much easier and, more importantly, it can make your food so much more delicious.

Today’S super easy super, delicious and super healthy recipe will take you about 30 minutes from start to finish and, most importantly, it’s keto friendly. This is my lemon chicken recipe. Now chicken breasts can look gorgeous on plates, but in its actual form it’s not that pretty and that’s primarily because of this thing called a chicken finger.

So I’m gonna cut it off with a knife and store it for later. Maybe I’ll use it on a day where my protein intake is low either way you see how the chicken is shaped, it’s thicker at one end and thinner at the other.

So if we leave it like this, it won’t cook evenly throughout. So I’m going to take the base of my palms and just squeeze the thicker part till it’s. You know thin, Oh because we want to avoid like an uneven cooking process.

You want the entire chicken breast to cook together next step. The king, the Queen, the centerpiece of this dish, lemon especially if you’re following a ketogenic diet, lemons, definitely should be a part of it kind of covers up your vitamin C requirements either way so we’re gonna take the zester, which is a very tricky game to Play now, if you scrape the lemon too much, you might actually get a bit of a bitter part, so you just want to scrape the top and after every scrape, you kind of need to check it to see whether or not you reach that bitter white part.

Once you’re done scraping off that golden goodness from about half the lemon it’s time to make this even more lemony, so I’m going to take that same lemon and just do this roll it about to kind of break the internal structure of the lemon doing this releases.

All the juices and make sure you get maximum benefit from that one single lemon. So again we’re going to take half the lemon and just squeeze out all the juice on this chicken breast. Now this lemon juice will add flavor but, more importantly, it’ll tenderize, the chicken.

So for the marinade, besides the lemon juice, I’m gonna go in with one single pod of garlic. Remember you don’t want to overdo it with the garlic. You just want it to be an underlying flavor. This isn’t Indian cooking.

Next, you can go in with a generous amount of salt and pepper. Now, again, don’t overdo it with the pepper. This isn’t Indian cooking, make sure. And finally, you can go in with just a little bit of thyme completely optional, I’m taking dried thyme your! If you all know how I sauce this out and in there make sure you check out my video on health, cooking, hacks, okay, next, you just mix it all up, very gently – make sure the lemon the time the salt gets all over the chicken and 20 minutes Later, your chickens ready to be cooked.

If you want to save up on the calories, you just grill this in an oven or a nonstick pan, but we’re on a ketogenic diet and that’s why I’m gonna get my flame on full whack, get a cast-iron skillet to get really hot and then go In with a tablespoon of key, because I’m an unhealthy mofo, I’m just kidding I’m an Ito and I can afford all these calories.

After about two minutes of being on a super high flame, your skillets gonna start smoking and it’ll be ready, and at that point you can go in with the chicken breast. So you got to hold it from one end and very carefully place it on the pan, while it’s facing away from you drop it away from you.

Otherwise, the oil is going to splatter and you’re gonna get yourself burned. So let it rest on one side from one minute about 90 seconds about 60 and 90 seconds later, it’s time to flip. Look at that! Look at that! Look at that! Look at that all I got color, that’s so gorgeous! You can only get this gorgeous color when your pans, that hot and, if you’re, using a cast-iron skillet and if you’re, using a lot of oil so 60 to 90 seconds on the other side.

And then you got ta rest it for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes. Remember the internal temperature of the chicken is super hot and it’s going to continue cooking and, while its resting, you can begin work on the side dish, namely spinach and cabbage, because they’re, the most keto friendly veggies Evi.

Oh extra virgin olive oil for some more Italian flavor and just a change of the fat source. So I’m going to take a tablespoon of evo in a wok. That’S on a low flame, crush a pod of garlic and just let the garlic kind of sizzle in the oil, but we’re not done yet.

We want some supremely flavored oil. That’S why I’m going with just a little bit of thyme once your garlicky herby oil is ready, you can go in with just a bit of cabbage. The cabbage takes a little long to cook, so you got to make sure you kind of stir-fry it before putting in the next ingredient.

Another keto friendly, superfood spinach. So after still frying the greens for about five to ten minutes, this bed of goodness is ready. You can serve up the sceeto friendly tag-team, like this place, the chicken breast on top of the greens and cut up the chicken the way I’ve shown here.

Oh yeah,

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