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Hey guys, this abundant number and welcome to get career today, let’s make kita upma keto comes from the word, ketogenic diet, it’s actually abbreviation, and it is a state in which the body is subjected to high fat, adequate protein and almost negligible or low carbohydrates.

Basically, it subjects the body to ketosis, in which the body is forced to burn the facts rather than the carbohydrates. So here, instead of the traditional way of making an oak ma in which we use semolina rava, it is equally replaced by the quantity of cauliflower.

How? Let’S see we need a head of cauliflower cut the base off. We need to check this nicely for any worms. If any, we can keep this in salted water for some time, so that if at all there any worms they get moved off well, this needs to be now broken into large chunks.

This now needs to be washed nicely, and the next step is creating this. While I’m using a box grater, you can also use a food processor which is going to make your life very easy. Cauliflower has been grated.

Let’S move on to the next vegetables. The first one to begin with is a red onion. Let’S cut this into thicker dices like so: let’s move on to cutting green chilies and finally, some carrot. I like my achma with a little bit of ginger.

So, let’s chop a piece of ginger. If you do not, you can avoid that. Let’S chop this up finely now that a pre preparation is ready, let’s move on to making dogma for this. Let’S heat a kadai and to this I’m adding in a teaspoon of coconut oil, once the oil heats up the first ingredient that goes on some mustard seeds.

Allow these to splutter once the mustard begins to crackle. Let’S add in human seeds, followed up with curry, leaves, let’s add in some cashew nuts and saute this just for a few seconds to this Aladdin ginger followed up with green chillies, along with diced onions saute.

This just for a bit so that the onions kind of turn translucent or pink in color. You see the cashew nuts have nicely toasted and have turned a shade brown. Also, the onions have cooked perfectly the way we want.

Let’S add in grated cauliflower, and this is where all the difference happens in a regular upma. This is the stage where we add in semolina, and we kind of toast it for a few seconds, but here in a cheeto achma we are replacing semolina, like I said with cauliflower.

Well to this, let’s add in diced carrots. You could also add in peas, at this stage exactly the way we like and prefer in Alma. We need to give this a nice mix. You can also add in some turmeric, if you wish, like some houses, we add inter break.

I do not. Let’S add in some salt, while this you can adjust, according to your diet, your intake and, finally, the most essential ingredient of the lot, which is lemon juice. Let’S give this a nice mix, and now we need to cover this and cook for the next three to four minutes, but before we cover, let’s splash in just a little bit of water, it’s been seven minutes on low flame and the cauliflower and carrots would have Been perfectly cooked, let’s give this one final stock and add in another essential to a keto diet, which is grated coconut along with fresh coriander, [, Music ], one final mix and your Quito aqua is ready.

And finally, let’s stop this with some additional grated coconut. Do try this if you’re one of those following a keto diet? Well, a lot of Indians across the globe may identify this achma as a traditional, Turin or a poriyal which is a South Indian vegetable specialty.

Well, let me say you’re not far off, but for now I hope you enjoy the Quito Optima with this. Do not forget to like and share the video and subscribe to get carried.

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