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What’s up guys? Welcome back to my channel keto with sammy for today’s video i am going to be showing y’all the ultimate keto snack guide to help y ‘ All along y’all’s journey, so let’s, get straight to the video okay.

So the first thing we’re going to start off with, is our fridge snacks that i keep around my house. So first thing i like to keep around our pickles: these are just some pickles that you can easily buy from the store they’re called oh snap, and they’re very crunchy.

They’re, really good. They sell them in the hot and the regular or you can just buy some mini pickles and some regular pickles, but these are really good. I highly recommend them and you can also have some olives.

These are just pimento, stuffed olives. They have all kinds of olives that you can have for a snack. Of course, you can have some guacamole. I love to eat guacamole for a quick snack as well. Some boiled eggs is a great snack and a great way to get in your protein.

Now, these right here are just some sliced cucumbers. This is one of the fruits that you can have on keto i like to top some of them with tahin. This is just a seasoning that you can put on top and i like to also top them with some cream cheese spread.

This is just a chive and onion. They have all kinds of flavors and i like to top it with this bagel, not included seasoning. Those are just two options that you can give your cucumbers some flavor with, and then you can also have some deli meat.

You can make tons of snacks with deli meat. I personally love oven, roasted turkey and pepperoni. I like to get these from my local sam’s club. This right here is another option of meat. This is summer sausage.

They also have them in rows that you can buy just like this, but i like them sliced as well. This is filled with jalapeno and cheese, so they have a variety of different flavors. These are very easy to grab for on the go.

They’re pepperoni and they’re mozzarella cheese. They also sell salami kinds. There’s. A variety of kinds also, but these are quick if you’re, if you work a lot, you just want to grab something for on the go.

These are very good now i love these two good yogurts. They have two grams of sugars and three net carbs. They sell them in a variety of flavors as well. They have vanilla strawberries, my favorite, a berry mix, peaches.

I believe they have a variety of flavors, but these are really good yogurts. Now this is one of my favorite keto snacks, sugar-free jello. This is the black cherry flavor. They also have strawberry and i love to top it with the canned whipped cream, so good, so delicious and very quick to just throw together now cheese.

You can have any kind of cheese you want. These are my favorite cheeses right here. This is the string, cheese, mozzarella string, cheese, my son, my kids, absolutely love these, so i get a big pack of them and then right here is just another flavor.

Just some kobe jack, i love kobe jack and just some little jack snacks that you can get from sam’s club as well. These are easy just to take to work, throw in a lunch box and you’re out the door and the only fruit that you could really have on.

Keto is berries. So i love to keep berries on hand and i’ll. Freeze them also, so we have some red berries. Blackberries are my favorite and some strawberries, and i ‘ Ll also eat these with whipped cream every once in a while, and they’re just so good.

Now peanut butter is big in my house as well, but you want to stick with your natural peanut butter, because regular peanut butter has a lot of carbs and sugar and you can also just eat this with some celery or maybe get some low, carb bread.

And you can eat it that way, all right guys so now for our pantry snacks that i love to keep in my house, so we love to keep beef jerky. Of course, slim jim tends to be my favorite. I get this big pack from sam’s club and i like the little miniature sticks.

They’re, only one net carbs and they’re, so good, take them to work with other keto snacks and they’re delicious. And then this is my husband’s, favorite jerky from bucky’s. It’s, the garlic beef jerky, the bohemian he loves these.

They have tons of flavors. When you do pick out jerky, you do want to make sure they are low in sugar and carbs, because beef jerky tends to have a lot of sugar. So just read your labels right and then for our nuts.

I love to snack on almonds. These are just two flavors that i like, i just love the sea, salt ones, and these, i believe, are the smoked ones, but there’s, tons of almond flavors. You choose what you like, and we also like to keep pistachios on hand, and this right here is granola.

I love granola with the yogurt that i showed you earlier. I like to top it. These are sola three net carb and four net carb. They have the maple pecan chocolate and vanilla top it with your low-carb yogurt.

It’s, so good for breakfast and a quick snack. So pork rinds are a great crunchy snack that you can have. I love the hot and spicy ones. Of course they have tons of flavors. You just want to make sure that your ingredients just include pork, grind and salt, the basics, and then right here is another great chip that we love.

These are quest chips. Our favorite are these loaded, taco ones, and these right here, the chili lime. They also have ranch and cheese ones as well, but they are for the whole bag. They are only four net carbs, so they are really good.

We love to have these with burgers and sandwich low carb, sandwiches, keto, bread, awesome and a lot of people like roasted seaweed. We’re. We’re, not a huge fan, but i love this in my ramen and i know some people would like to just snack on these as well.

So i wanted to include that for y’all and then these are parmesan crisps. They’re like little cheese crisps, and i love these with the guacamole, so good, crunchy, great snack, and these are some of our sweets that we like to keep on hand.

These are the fiber ones i recently just got into these. These are the brownies: they’re, five net carbs each and they’re so good, and they also have the lemon one. So these are the soft baked bars. Also five net carbs, i believe all their snacks are pretty much five net.

Carbs as well as these, if you’re, a huge fan of peanut butter, they have these peanut butter bars with chocolate, five net carbs so good. I highly recommend these brownies and i recently just found these.

These are fat snack cookies. These are the lemon flavor and they’re. Only one net carb, they have tons of flavors. They have chocolate, chocolate, chip, lemon peanut butter, so these are a great um sweet snack for a cookie, and then these right here, if you want to buy some low, carb bread sola.

I highly recommend these are sugar, free jellies and you can also use your natural peanut butter. So you want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or maybe, if you like, your celery with some peanut butter and jelly awesome love it, and you can also have some unsweetened almond milk, with your sandwich as well.

Okay – and these are our snacks – our sweets – that we absolutely love. We love to keep these in my pantry. These are the keto friendly um duncan heis. They’re like little cake bowls that you just pop in the microwave.

You just add like two ingredients to and they’re five net carbs per one. They have the double chocolate cake mix, the birthday cake and the walnut fudge brownie, and they’re. So good you just quickly pop them in the microwave.

When you’re craving something sweet, just add a few ingredients and they’re delicious these right here i love lily’s brands. These are the dark chocolate, peanut butter cups and they’re, two net carbs for two pieces.

They also have some like caramel little balls that they sell, but these are really good. We love, we tend to keep our chocolate in the freezer, so these are a great um snack for at night, when we’re craving something sweet and just like i showed some sugar-free jello earlier.

You can also have the one in a box and come up with some different recipes with that these right here, the ultimate chocolate bar. I absolutely love these. I rave about them all the time. These are the lilies chocolate bars.

They have salted almond milk, chocolate, hazelnut, salted, caramel, creamy milk. They also have like a really dark chocolate. If you’re into that and like a milky, dark chocolate, but they’re so good and they’re.

Only two net carbs per serving and there’s, three servings, so you get a good amount love these. These right here are some quest cookies. These are the peanut butter, chocolate chip and the double chocolate chip.

I believe they have a few other flavors and they’re only five net carbs for the whole cookie – and i also found these. These are the keto cookie by lenny and larry’s, three net carbs each. They have um peanut butter, and this is just the chocolate chip as well.

They also have a variety of other flavors you can find. Now. These are my favorite russell stover. Sugar-Free, chocolate candy: these are the pecan delights. I love these. They also have meat. Peanut butter just make sure they are sugar-free, but these are all our sweet, snacks and our pantry snacks that i like to keep here at home, all right, guys and very quickly.

I don’t, have mini freezer snacks in my freezer at the moment, because my freezer just stocked with meat, but if i do have them in my freezer, these are the snacks that i will have. These right here are pickle pops.

We love to have these um, mainly when i work out. If i get like a migraine, these help a lot um. These are just regular, favorite pickle pops and they also have the chamoy ones. So i like to keep these in the freezer just on hand when we want something cold and then these are my two favorite ice cream brands.

These are the enlightened keto collection. This one’s, a mint chocolate chip. I also have another favorite. It’s, the peanut chocolate one. It’s hard to get my hand on them. So when i do, i buy them in bulk because they’re so good and delicious, and they’re.

Only one net carb and they’re, just really good. I highly recommend this brand and that flavor this mint chocolate chip, one is very good as well as well as the peanut butter one. Now this right here is rebel.

This is my favorite brand of the pint ice cream. We have some mint chocolate chip, some vanilla – and this is my favorite – the cherry chip, one this. I prefer over any other brand of the pint ice cream.

They’re, so good and they’re so low on carbs. As you can see it’s only six net carbs for the whole pint. So i highly recommend and trust me there’s. Tons of other ice cream flavors that y’all could have in the keto collections that they come out with.

So if y’all try any. Let me know how y’all like them, and i hope you all enjoyed this snack haul question of the day. I know this was a big snack haul, with tons of variety of snack options, but i know there’s, so many other keto snack options out there.

So the question for y ‘ All today is what is y ‘ All’s, favorite keto, snack – that i did not mention in the video comment down below alright guys. So that concludes today’s, video of our ultimate keto snack haul.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe and get some great ideas for your snacks to keep you on track. On y’all’s, weight loss and y ‘ All’s, keto journey. If y’all enjoyed this video, please give it a big thumbs up.

Don’t forget to subscribe for awesome, keto recipes and tips, and i’ll, see on my next video. You
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