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Hey what’s happening guys today, we are making some keto tortilla chips. These are crunchy they’re, salty they’re made from scratch in just about 10 minutes, and they are so tasty tasty. The best part about these keto tortilla chips, at least.

I think the best part about them is that every 10 chips has just 2 net carbs. That being said, let’s get right into the good stuff make these low-carb keto tortilla chips, alright. So the first thing we want to do is get out a medium-sized bowl and add just less than one and a half cups, or a hundred and 55 grams of blanched almond flour to it by the way, if you don’t want to use almond flour, you can Always use walnut flour or some flower seed flour instead anyways once we’ve added that we’re gonna add a half a tablespoon or four grams of xanthan gum to the bowl, as well as a half a teaspoon of baking powder.

Lastly, we’re gonna add a nice pinch of salt, since tortilla chips are quite salty and then, as you’re seeing here, we’re gonna mix all of our dry ingredients together until they’re well, combined now, once we’ve got those dry ingredients, looking good we’re gonna get Out a small bowl and cracking to add a large egg to it.

Then we want to whisk that egg up with a fork until the yolk and the white combined with one another. Now, once that happens, we can go ahead and add that whisked up egg to the dry ingredients of our keto tortilla chips and then we’re also going to add a tablespoon or 15 grams of some water.

Ok, so at this point we’ll want to get out a spatula and combine the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Having said that, once things get kind of thick and crumbly in the bowl, we can start using our hands to form a ball of dough.

Then, when we’ve got that ball dough formed, we can weigh it out on our food scale and form four equal, smaller balls of dough out of it. Now. This next step is super important to shaping your keto tortilla chips, and that is using two sheets of parchment paper to cover the dough.

So it doesn’t stick as you press it out by the way, using the bottom of a bowl to initially press out. The dome can really help you shape a circle out of it, of course, from there, though, you will want to use a rolling pin to finish rolling out the dough.

Having said that, I’m using a seven inch Bowl to shape my keto tortilla chips with so throughout. The rolling out process I like to use the bowl to check and see if I’ve got my dough rolled out enough, then when I have done that, I’m going to press the ball into the rolled out dough to form a perfect circle.

Now at this point we can remove and save the extra dough for later, so we can make more tortilla chips out of it later on anyways. At this point, we’re going to use a pizza cutter to cut out eight tortilla chips from the dough and then, when we’ve taken care of that we’re gonna remove some of the extra parchment paper from around the tortilla chips.

Now, once we’ve done that we’re gonna pop our chips in the microwave for about a minute, then I like to check on them, see how they’re cooking and then cook them for another fifteen to thirty seconds now, once the tortilla chips are done cooking in there, We’Ll want to set them aside, let them cool down and continue this process until we’ve made Kito tortilla chips out of all of the dough anyways.

Once the tortilla chips have cooled, we’re going to add them to a pan, sprinkle a little salt on them and then cook them over medium heat. Now these cook, pretty quick, so just about fifteen to thirty Seconds ish, depending on how colorful you like these to be.

Should be enough on each side and of course, we’ll want to repeat this cooking process with all of our keno tortilla chips. The recipe makes about 40 to 50 chips. By the way, then, once we cooked our chips, we can transfer them to a large Tupperware container.

Lined with paper towel for them to cool, and it shouldn’t take too long for these low-carb tortilla chips to cool. So when they do, you can serve them with some salsa or some chunky, guacamole, topped with bacon like I did today, and that my friends is how to make keto tortilla chips, as always for more info on today’s recipe check the video description below, and I hope You have a great day,

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