Hey guys welcome back to the channel, so tell me it when the last time this happened to you, you’re on keto, you’re doing great and then all of a sudden, you’re out with one your girlfriends Or your family and they want to get pizza or Italian food.

What can you eat? What do you do? Well, I have the answer for you today. Today we’re, going to be making a low-carb meatball bake, it’s, a really easy weeknight dinner, or it should be something that would be pretty simple to order from your favorite pizza, shop or Italian place.

It’s. Gon na satisfy all of your Italian cravings. I promise you that so let’s go started, making the meatballs okay guys. So let’s talk about meatballs first, so we make traditional meatballs it’s. Gon na be a couple different types of meat and then usually some type of breadcrumbs and the reason they’re still delicious is because the breadcrumbs kind of soak up a lot of the fat and the browning when the meatballs are cooking and that’s, why nobody can turn down a meatball for our Cato meatballs.

We’re gonna add some flavor in a different way. We’re, going to add some grated onion, which is my favorite trick to eat balls. So you’ll, see that, instead of having big chunks of onion, which is what everyone starts to do when they make meatballs the secret to why the grated onion is so good, is because it sort of melts into the meatballs.

So I’ve got half a cup here, maybe half a cup going on a whole cup can give us a lot of great flavor, and then we’re gonna use a bunch of garlic. Now my favorite way to do garlic is a garlic press.

I know a lot of chefs like to chop it. I don’t, think you get as much flavor like that. I’ve, tried it every single way. So I’m gonna press 5. Garlic’s directly into the bowl, so for our first cheese I have some Parmesan cheese.

You could also use romano cheese and we’re, going to give ourselves about half a cup using our grater a lot today. Okay, now I have about a half a cup, maybe 3/4 of the cup of mozzarella cheese. So I’m.

Just gonna sort of sprinkle that in with my hands – and we’re, also going to use 1/2 a cup of heavy cream and an egg okay. Now for some greenery, we have some Italian parsley here. I’m. Just gonna cut myself off about this much and start to chop it up.

Cuz I’m gonna also save some for later, when we’re done with the meatball bake. My dad always says to me: I don’t know why people use parsley in recipes. It doesn’t taste like anything, and I said dad already nothing dried parsley.

Are you using fresh parsley and he said why I guess I’m using dried parsley and that’s? Your problem, if you want to add some freshness and clean taste to some of your dishes, he’s a little bit of fresh parsley.

You can glue use gloves if you want. I have fresh clean hands, so I’m just gonna not squeeze the meatballs. What I’m gonna do is sort of mix things around. First, you don’t want to compact your meatballs into Little Rock’s.

You don’t wan na meatball rocks. You want light fluffy well mixed little melts in your mouth, okay guys. So I have my baking sheet here that I’ve gone ahead and just you know, sprayed with like a little coconut oil spray, and then I have my meatballs you, which Tyler Florence always laughs me for calling it that, but that’S what I call it you just want to give yourself a big portion of meatball and just don’t compact, it okay and we’re just gonna pop it down on here.

I’ve, already got the oven. Preheating to 400 now this is also a great dish to prepare. If you’re one of those people who makes your meals on the weekends you know for the for the workweek, my husband does that meatballs soups, even salad, dressings, all those things don’t get worse.

They get better. So you can make a whole mess of these meatballs and take them during the week. That’s, a great idea, so these are going to go into a 400-degree oven. I’m gonna check them after about 20 minutes, [ Music.

], oh hey, so our meatballs ended up taking anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes and the reason why we’re, not cooking them like all the way through is because we are going to put them in our bake, and then that has to warm Up as well, so I just have a cast-iron skillet here and you could also use like you know: a glass casserole dish or whatever you have.

I greased it a little. I doubt it needs it, but it’s best to be safe and sorry, and I am just going to take our little meatballs and put them down in the van you can see. They are all pretty snugly in there, and now we’re gonna add some stuff to homes.

So this is the rouse pizza sauce that we talked about a couple weeks ago for our pizza demo, video we did and the reason why everyone on keto or low-carb uses this is because it is really low. Carb it’s like let’s, see two grams to grams of carbohydrates, so I’m just gonna pour about a jar in [ Music ].

So what I have here is those little cute brines mozzarella balls that you would never consider eating if you were on any sort of regular diet right because it’s like food, I mean it ‘ S like this is like eating a cookie, so I’m just gonna stuff, a couple of these in here, because they’re gonna melt on top and in Quito.

These are very friendly. So, just a little bit of the ricotta, not too much I mean just a little here and there it’ll. It won’t melt. The same way is mozzarella. It’s going to sound weird, but it’s gonna kind of loose into the sauce and it’ll, make it really creamy and velvety.

So I’m just gonna pop this in the oven. Just for I don’t know ten minutes to get let it get heated back up. Oh my award that is gorgeous so nice. Okay, let’s service them so excited about this. You tell me if you think you’re missing anything by having this [ Music ], okay, not sleazy Brian watch holy crap.

That was good. You know what this says. This is like a meatball sub. Without the bread there’s, nothing that I can think of at any Italian restaurant that I would rather have than this and still stick to my diet.

Have you guys seen you see how much weight I’m still losing okay? So, as usual, we have a little link right below it’s. Gon na. Take you straight to the principle recipe on my blog. If you want to print it out and then if you go underneath that in the description you’ll find the actual recipe whatever you want to do is fine okay.

So if you like this recipe, you like this video, please give us a thumbs up. We hope you subscribe. We are pumping these videos out. We’re here about once a week. We’re doing keto right now, but if you have any other suggestions, we would love to hear them in the comments below.

I will see you next time: [, Music, ],

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