KETO Pizza in 10 MINUTES | The BEST KETO Pizza Recipe | BETTER Than Fat Head Pizza Crust!


Keto pizza in ten minutes is what we’ve got on tap. Today I did a keto pizza recipe about a year ago. I did ate that head pizza recipe. You guys love that recipe, but the pizza I’m about to show you today, I think, is the best keto pizza recipe, and I think that, for a couple of reasons, because number one, the crust on this keto pizza is just so much like A normal pizza crust and then number two: it’s just way easier than making a fat head pieces like I said this is a ten minute pizza recipe, at least less than ten minutes bake time.

Total time you’re, looking at probably fifteen minutes, so it’s, just the easiest pizza ever to make. With that being said, let’s, get in this one and make some delicious quick, keto pizza, alright. So the first thing we want to do is preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Next, we want to prep some these keto Pizza ingredients in advance. So, in a small dish, we’re gonna add somewhere between three quarters of a cup to a cup of mozzarella cheese and that works out to be 84 to a hundred and twelve grams.

Depending on how much cheese you like on your keto pizza? Next, we’re gonna prep, the pizza sauce and, as you’re. Seeing here the sauce I went with is hunts and this stuff is great for keto pizza, because not only does it have just two net carbs per serving, but it has no sugar added to it as well.

Anyways, for today’s, keto pizza recipe. I think be perfect. Amount of pizza sauce is about a half a cup or 125 grams, so that’s. The amount that I’m gonna add to my food scale and the last thing we’re gonna prep out is gonna, be some coconut oil, and today we’re using a tablespoon or 14 grams of That for our keto pizza, alright, so now that all that prep work is done, we’re, just gonna start weighing out all the dry ingredients for our keto Pizza.

The first drag routine. We’re, adding is going to be almond. Flour – I like this one by kirklands, it’s cheap and it only has two net carbs per serving. So we’re, gonna add a cup and a half which is a hundred and sixty eight grams of that stuffed or Bowl, and the next ingredient we’re gonna add, is going to be some unflavored whey protein and the Reason we’re, adding this is because it’s a great way to lower, not only the carb count in the keto pizza, but also the calories and the keto Pizza as well, because we won’t have to add, As much almond flour, by the way guys, I know that protein powder isn’t.

Everybody’s things. So if you don’t want to use the protein powder check the video description below for instructions on how you can replace it. With that being said, I’m, adding two thirds of a scoop or 20 grams of the unflavored whey protein powder for my pizza crust today.

So once we’ve added that we’re gonna add some coconut flour and do not replace this with more almond. Flour also do not use more of this than I’m using in today’s. Recipe basically just use the amount of coconut flour that I’m using for my keto pizza crust today, and that is two tablespoons or 15 grams of it.

So once you’ve added that the next thing you want to add is a half a teaspoon of xanthan gum, a half, a teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt, a pinch of garlic powder and a pinch of onion powder.

At this point, we ‘ Ve got all the dry ingredients added for our keto pizza crust. So we’ll, just whisk if i ├┤ll them together until they’re combined and then we’ll start adding the wet ingredients.

So, first off we’re gonna quickly melt the coconut oil that we prepped out from earlier, and then we’re gonna add that to the bowl and then we’re, also gonna add some eggs. More specifically, we’re, adding two large eggs for today’s.

Keto pizza. Now, at this point, you’ll, want to take out a spatula and combine the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, and you’ll. Want to do this until a crumbly ball of dough forms once it does, that’s when you want to roll up your sleeves and start working, the ball of dough with your hands until it becomes smooth and the yolks from the eggs fully incorporate With the other ingredients, when the yolks fully dissolve into the other ingredients, that’s when you want to get out some parchment paper, add the ball of keto pizza dough to it, and then you want to cover the keto pizza dough with another sheet Of parchment paper and the reason we’re doing this is because, as you’re, seeing here, it makes it much easier to roll out the dough.

Also, the keto pizza dough won’t, stick to your rolling pin when you’re rolling out the dough this way either. So once you roll out the keto pizza dough to roughly about a 14 by 14 inch diameter that’s when you want to remove the top layer of parchment paper and start rolling up the edges of the keto pizza dough to form a crust And just so, you guys know what you’re, aiming for when you roll up the crust.

You want your pizza to be about 12 inches in diameter anyways when you got your pizza crust. Looking good that’s when you want to transfer it to a pizza, tray and bake it in the oven for three to four minutes.

If you’re using the protein powder version or about five minutes, if you’re, just using straight almond, flour, however, keep an eye on it, because this Kido pizza crust, bakes, quick and it’s done just when the Edges of the crust start to turned golden brown anyways.

When the crust comes out of the oven, that’s, we’re gonna add the sauce that we prepped from earlier, along with the cheese and any toppings that you want to add as well. Today I went with regular pepperoni for my keto pizza, but whatever toppings you want to use for your keto pizza is totally up to you.

So now, at this point, when you’ve got all your toppings added. You want to switch over your oven to a boil, and then you want to broil the keto pizza for about three and a half minutes or until the cheese just totally melts.

Once that happens, the pizza is done. You want to remove it from the oven cut. It into eight slices and then check this out. This is how it ends up looking. It is seriously the best keto pizza recipe.

I hope you guys enjoy it. If you want more information about today’s, recipe check the video description below and I’ll, see you in the next one

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