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Let’S give you beautiful vegetarians now, if you’re vegetarian attempting the ketogenic diet, it’s all about that malai upon your life and, as you know, malai pani by itself is bland and boring, and that’s why we’re gonna use the power of Indian cooking and amp up those Funny flavors today we’re going for my super special bunny hariyali tikka, which essentially means paneer in a green sauce but cook Punjabi style.

Now, if you’re following veg keto, your life is gonna, be a bun malai paneer, that’s a truth. You’Ve got ta accept now. This is where you can make your life a little bit less boring and a little bit more fun and make it more fun.

I’M gonna cut these 400 grams of paneer slabs into these little logs. Now, because it’s Indian cooking, ginger and garlic and keep in mind these are carb sources if you’re on keto so be careful next coming to a handful of coriander and a handful of mint.

And finally, this is where the recipe gets a little tricky for the thick. Now we can take cashews and besan or gram flour which have a lot of carbs. So you’ve got to be careful now, keep in mind that this isn’t gonna put you out of keto, because you can still be in Quito, even if you’re having about hundred grams of carbs but just to be safe.

Keep a track of this and hey we’re. Talking about 400 grams of paneer, so about 4 or 5 cashew nuts on a table, spoon of gram, flour isn’t gonna put you out of Quito, now, there’s home cooking and this restaurant cooking.

And if you want to take this particular dish from being a home cook, dish to restaurant style, your two key spices are Kasuri, methi and jeera or cumin, absolutely amps of the flavor. So for the cooking process, this is a Punjabi dish and it’s keto, so we’re gonna go in with a lot of ghee, but once again keep your calories in check.

Next, you can go in with a jeera or cumin and let it sit on a slow flame along with the Kasuri methi. Of course, these two spices cooking down in the oil will fly the entire oil and make it the base for our dish.

Next, you can go in with slipped green chillies according to your own taste. Of course, if you don’t like spicy food, you can skip this now, keep in mind when you fry the chillies, the spice level is gonna go down, but hey it’s completely up to you.

Next, I’m gonna go in with three whole cloves of garlic. Remember eventually, we’re gonna blitz this up and when you cook, spices and ingredients whole like this. I feel that it goes super well with those big Punjabi flavors in this dish, so whole ginger, whole garlic and you’ve got a stir fry it till it’s brown, so say about five minutes.

So once your ginger in your garlic are nice and brown you can go in with the thicknose which keep in mind a not keto friendly. They are optional ingredients, but you got to be super careful with them.

If you’re using them, they are not gon. Na put you out of ketosis, but be careful. Both gram, flour and cashews are high on carbs, but hey. They absolutely change the texture of your gravy and from a taste perspective alone.

These take a gravy to the next level and once your gram flour has got a bit of color, you can go in with those greens now we’re gonna go in with both the mint and the coriander together when you let greens heat up just a little Bit in a wok like this, they wilt and that color is enhanced.

So I’m gonna go in with just a little bit of extra ghee, because it’s a keto dish and you can afford it and just saute it so make sure that the green, flavor and green color is super amplified. And you know it’s time to blitz up baby now, the key when you’re blitzing it up is that you want a smooth texture like this.

It shouldn’t be chunky, so make sure to blitz up really well get your marinade in a bowl in a big bowl, because we’re gonna be marinating. Paneer and paneer is one of the most delicate proteins in the world.

Next step, you’ve got to add tons of salt. Malai paneer needs that extra bit of salt so taste your marinade make sure that it’s a little saltier than you’d like and at this point you can go in with the paneer.

So essentially, this green sauce is a marinade. We created first when you’re marinating non, where you got to leave it in the marinade for the longest time, ideally, but with paneer it’s not going to absorb any of the flavors.

The only thing you’ve got to keep in mind is that you’re super careful with the pony you handle it like you’d handle a baby, keep two things in mind: don’t break those lovely logs and get that marinade all over those slabs protip just place all those marinated Bunny logs in a plate like this and get ready to grill up baby now to start grilling, you can use a nonstick, you can use a cast-iron skillet or you can use a griddle pan like I’m doing here.

You just got to make sure you boil up with ghee, of course, because we want to keep it Punjabi nice going and place those high fat high protein logs of goodness very carefully on your pan. Now, the key with this dish is patience.

You’Ve got to be patient with the paneer. Let it sit on that hot pan for at least three to five minutes. That’S how you’re going to get that deep brown color on the paneer and the deep brown color is the paneer caramelizing, not burning and caramelization equals.

Chris penis and added flavor now this is a super easy recipe overall and, to be honest, the only tricky part is knowing when to flip and that’ll come by trial and error. Remember all these recipes are just reference recipes if you want to get better at cooking.

You’Ve got to come up with your own recipes like how I’ve done in the past. If you come up with your own recipes, your keto diets, gonna be fun more than that. Your long-term fit lifestyle is gonna, be fun, so you can plate up this gorgeous paneer hurry oli, tikka the we have done here with its original constituents.

That’S mint leaves and a little bit of coriander, and if you want those people who doesn’t like the food dry, you can eat this with just a little bit of yoghurt, but keep in mind that’s more carbs and we’re only getting those trace carbs from the cashew And from the gram flour in this dish, but it’s not gonna put you out of keto.

This is a keto friendly dish, but today’s vegetarian keto recipe I intentionally used carbs to show you guys that this is possible. You can go up to say about 30 to 40 grams of carbs a day and still be in Quito.

He are going to be in Quito, even if you’re below hundred grams. But at this point it’s all about your priorities. If you want to execute Quito right, stable or twenty grams, but if you’re on ketogenic diet – and you want a delicious option for your malai Pony meal – I think this hariyali tikka is the way to go full of flavor full of poop and full.

Oh, oh yeah.

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