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Horns up and welcome to headbangers kitchen, my name is Sal. I’m, a heavy-metal music fan and I’m, also a musician, which is why the show is called headbangers kitchen. I’m, also living the keto lifestyle and cooking up keto recipes, which is why headbangers kitchen is a heavy-metal cooking, show that’s, keto all the way anyway enough jibber-jabber.

Today we are going to be cooking up a delicious keto ground beef dish. This is going to be some ground beef cooked with some broccoli and some zucchini in a delicious creamy and cheesy sauce. In fact, I feel like it’s, going to remind you of a delicious beef casserole, but we’re gonna cook.

It like a stir fry anyway enough jibber-jabber. Let’s get cooking. So I’m. Going to start by prepping my broccoli and I’m just going to cut the florets away from the stem, just use your knife and cut those florets right off.

You can also use your hands and just break the florets away from the stem. Pretty simple – and that said your broccoli is ready, but don’t, throw away the broccoli stock. It can be used in a number of recipes.

I’ll, put all the information on headbangers kitchen comm in the blog post. The next thing I’m going to do is chop up the zucchini, and since I had a pretty large one, I decided to only use half of it for this recipe and the other half of the zucchini will be used after about three or Four days when I need to make this dish again so just cut the zucchini, I like to cut it down the middle and then chop it up into nice bite-sized pieces, and once you’re done with the broccoli and the zucchini it’s time to get cooking, so I’m gonna start as usual by getting my non-stick pan on the stove, and I’m gonna heat up some avocado oil.

If you don’t have avocados all. There are plenty of other options I’ll mention all of them on the website in my blog post, so once the avocado oil is nice and hot, and just about starting to smoke.

I’m, going to add in my ground beef. Now you want to get 80/20 ground. Beef is 80 % meat and 20 % fat. If you don’t like beef, you can use pork chicken, lamb, whatever any ground meat will do. The job so anyway put that beef in the pan and let it start cooking.

I am, however, going to season it right now with some salt and some pepper, because I like to season the dish as I go along that way, you build a lot more flavor into it. I’m, also going to throw in a little bit of red onion that I have and some freshly chopped garlic and the onion is optional.

You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. If you don’t like it, you can put as little or as much garlic as you like, but you want to cook the beef, the onions and the garlic together. Now the onions will start to soften and that whole thing is gonna smell.

Really delicious once that’s been cooking for about a minute. I’m going to season it now with some paprika, and I am going to be generous with the paprika, because I really love the flavor. I’m, also going to throw in some red chili flakes, because that’s.

Gon na give it a little bit of heat and some fresh thyme, and if you don’t have fresh thyme. You can use dried thyme. You can also use rosemary oregano plenty of options. It’s completely up to you anyway.

I’m. Just gonna give this all a good mix, and let it cook now and what’s. Gon na happen is that beef fat is going to melt and render out, and the beef is gonna fry with all these spices together and all of it is gonna fry and turn into something really beautiful anyway.

The next thing I’m going to do is add in my zucchini and I realized I have a lot of vegetables for this pan. But anyway, I’m gonna give it a good mix without spilling any of it outside the frying pan, and then I debated whether I should put the broccoli into this frying pan or whether I should shift over and use a bigger dish for This anyway, I said, let me take the risk and then in goes my broccoli and it all fits, but I’m gonna have to be precautious.

While I’m stirring everything anyway, I am also going to season the broccoli now with some salt, and I’m going to cover it now and cook it for about a minute. After checking in I’m, going to be brave and give everything a good mix and try and get everything mixed together without spilling everything out of the frying pan and looks like I’m doing ok.

Now, what I’m going to do is I’m gonna grate some cheese over this and I’m using a cheese called scar Musa, but you can use any cheese that you like. You can use cheddar. You can use mozzarella, you can use Gouda it’s completely up to you anyway, once I’ve grated a sufficient amount of cheese over that I’m, also going to add some heavy whipping cream, and now I’m just gonna cover it and let it cook for a little while more after a minute or two.

I’m feeling brave and I’m, going to give everything a stir once again and hopefully nothing will spill over and now I’m gonna cook this for a bit longer, because I want my broccoli to be Nice and tender, but if you like it to have a little bit of snap, you can cook it for a shorter duration.

So anyway, now I’m going to cover it and let it go for a little bit more and finally, now everything looks like it’s. Coming together, I’m, going to taste it because well, I need to check the seasoning and I felt that mine needed a little more salt.

So I added a little more salt, and now, of course, you ‘ Ll see that there is some liquid in the frying pan and you’ll want to reduce this, so you can cover it and cook it or you can remove the lid and cook it.

It’s up to you, but now to finish the dish I’m, going to throw in about a tablespoon or two of cream cheese, and this cream cheese is gonna melt and it is going to make the creamiest and most Delicious ground, beef and broccoli and zucchini stir fry – I mean this is going to be awesome so anyway, give it all the final good mix, and once the liquid in the pan has reduced to your liking, it’s, pretty much done so.

I’m, going to serve myself some in a bowl. I’m, going to grate a little fresh, Parmesan cheese on the top and sprinkle a little bit of paprika, and that’s, pretty much it. Our beef stir-fry is ready, so enjoy this.

For your lunch, one well filled. Regular-Sized bowl should be sufficient, hey folks, I hope you enjoyed that recipe. It’s, a great dish for meal prep. In fact, you can get a full free, keto meal plan by just clicking here on the I button check out my keto for beginner series, where I give you free meal plans and yeah.

If you enjoyed this video, please hit that thumbs up button and do subscribe to headbangers kitchen and also make sure you hit that Bell icon. So you get notifications now before I let you go. There are a few things I’d, like to just tell you now.

If you don’t like beef, you can make this recipe with ground pork. You can make it with chicken turkey. Any meat will do similarly with vegetables. If you don’t like broccoli and zucchini or you can’t get it, you can make this with bell.

Peppers, mushrooms, spinach the world is your oyster anyway, that’s enough jibber-jabber from me. I will see you on the next episode of head bangers, kitchen, Cheers and keep cooking, hey folks, guess what I wrote a keto recipe book.

This is keto life, which is my latest book. With my hundred best keto recipes, it’s, got everything from soups to snacks, to main courses to desserts link to order. It is in the video description box just below this video, so do check it out.

Also, if you want some more keto recipes, just click here and watch another video or, if you’d, like to check out some of my music, take care and listen to some of my heavy metal, music, [, Music, ]

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