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Hey guys welcome back to my channel keto with sami. It is currently saturday. So that means today is our weekly grocery haul. I go shopping every saturday and plan out all my dinners for the week to stay on track on my keto journey.

Usually i go to sam’s club in heb, but remember this week my husband is actually out of town for work, so it’s mainly just going to be me and some very simple, keto dinners. So i’m. Going to keep it very cheap this week, you’re, going to see that i’m, going to have a couple a couple of leftovers and just some simple recipes.

So let’s head on over to heb. Today we are going to be going there since i don ‘ T really need nothing big from sam’s club and when we get back, i would definitely show you my meal plan for the week as well.

We have just put up to the beautiful heb and before we get started, i’m. So sorry, for the way i recorded the video i didn’t realize that my camera was not sideways, but the first thing i went for was the sola hot dog bun six net carbs each.

I finally got my hands on them as well as the hamburger buns. I might not use them this week, but i would definitely freeze them. I just wanted to grab them before they sold out. So i’m, so excited to use this.

Then i grabbed some premier protein shakes for a breakfast replacement all this week in the bananas and cream, as well as the vanilla flavor they are so delicious. I love to mix them with my iced coffee and they just come in handy when you don’t feel like cooking breakfast or you’re on the go.

I like to use this ice cold coffee in the unsweet. Please do not grab the sweetened, buy stock, cold brew, it’s delicious. If you haven’t tried it then i just need to top off my eggs in the fridge. I just grabbed.

Half a dozen large eggs as well. Some heavy whipping cream y’all know. I have to stay stocked up on heavy whipping cream. I love to use it in my eggs and my coffee creamer it’s, absolutely delicious. Then i run straight for the funyuns.

No, i’m just kidding skip those funny ends, go straight for the chicharrons great chip replacement, as well as a great breading replacement. I’m, going to be using some hot and spicy for some chicken tenderloins this week.

I needed to stock up on some brown suer sugar. I was running low, so i just like to top it off just in case. I need to use it so great sugar replacement as well. I absolutely love swerve and i needed some coconut aminos for some sesame chicken this week.

It’s, just a very natural soy, sauce replacement. If you want to use this instead of soy sauce, the only cheeses i really needed was some shredded parmesan cheese. I’m, going to be making a barbecue pizza, and this is going to bind that together as well as some ricotta cheese.

I’m, going to be making some lasagna stuffed chicken. That y ‘ All would definitely see a video on and it’s delicious. I wanted to get some sugar-free barbecue sauce by g hughes, tons of flavors.

My favorite is this hickory flavor for my chicken tenderloins. I just think it’s. A great dipping sauce so delicious, then they also have this primal kitchen one as well. If you, if you don’t like the g hues, didn’t grab this one, but this is a great option as well as well as some red sauce.

They had a dollar off of my favorite red sauce. It is a no sugar added. This is my favorite brand. I’ve, been through a couple, and i absolutely love this brand, so i grabbed two of those. I grabbed some sugar-free ketchup g hughes has some as well as primal kitchen, and i like this heinz one.

So i grabbed the heinz no sugar added um ketchup for the week. My kids use it as well on top of their eggs and breakfast and stuff. I definitely need to stock up on my favorite salsa, because i had run out.

I haven’t tried this red one, but i’m going to give it a try. I only tried the green one, but oh my god. They don’t disappoint. They’re delicious and then i grabbed two for four um heb carbs and tortillas, mostly for my kids this week for their breakfast, but i eat them as well.

They’re four net carbs each. So i grabbed two packs just to stock up my meat. I grabbed some boneless chicken thighs for that sesame chicken. I love boneless chicken thighs, i haven’t, had them in a while.

So i thought to grab some this week as well as some chicken leg quarters. I’m, going to be having for dinner today very cheap and easy guys, literally three dollars for this pack, so y’all grab some chicken like quarters.

If you want to keep um, keep it cheap and very simple: i grabbed some ground chicken for that barbecue pizza. This is going to be my base for the bread replacement it’s just grounded up chicken breast.

So it comes in handy it’s, really really good as a chicken crust. I just grabbed one head of cauliflower for that cauliflower, mac and cheese this week so delicious. If y’all haven’t tried that either i do have videos on that.

I grabbed one turnip just because i passed by it and i haven’t had them in a while. It’s. A great potato replacement for like breakfast, if you really cook it down and season it well, so i grabbed one.

I just needed one green bell, pepper for a recipe this week. I try not to grab extra just because they go bad and then i just forget about them. So i just grabbed one. I grabbed one side, salad bag. This is my favorite one.

It’s, a caesar salad, it does come with croutons, but i just take them out. It has shea brussels sprouts in there and some other things and it’s really good, and i just top it with my own caesar. Just for a little side, salad for some pizza, i’m, going to have those chicken leg quarters.

So i was looking for a veggie and i found these. These look so good. They’re, just like pre-cut zucchinis, with bell peppers and other stuff in there, and they just come in handy it’s, a five-minute saute that you just throw in a pan.

So i thought it’d, be great for an easy side: vegetable for my chicken leg quarters today. So i grabbed that as well as some strawberries. I just grabbed two packs for my kids and for me it’s. A great snack.

Remember only berries on your keto journey for some fruit y’all know i’ll, be forgetting everything, so i had to run back and grab some sugar-free maple syrup for my kids breakfast this week as well as for me, so delicious Is my favorite brand and we are done we headed on home and let’s, get straight to our meal plan.

Alright guys – and here is my meal plan. For the week we are back home. I usually start on saturdays and then i plan all the way to the following friday. So i keep it right here in my kitchen walkway just so i can come in the kitchen and see what i’m, going to be having for dinner every day.

So i start on saturdays. Like i told you, i had wanted some chicken leg quarters and then i was going to be looking for a veggie to have with it. So i found that awesome veggie mix, so that is going to be great.

Then for saturday i’m. Just going to be having some leftovers because, like i said it’s only me so i already know i’m, going to be having some chicken like quarters left over so leftovers for the next day.

Our coat for the week is find a way, not an excuse. Monday. We’re, going to be having some lasagna stuffed chicken and of course there will be leftovers for that. So i plan leftovers on tuesday. Leftovers are not a bad thing guys.

It keeps it very simple and very cheap as well wednesday. I’m, going to be having some keto chicken tenders with some cauliflower mac and cheese on the side. Thursday will be some keto sesame, seed, chicken and friday.

We i will be having some keto barbecue pizza and a salad on the side, and that is my weekly meal plan for this week. All right guys that was this week’s, grocery haul. In my weekly meal plan, i have some very simple dinners planned this week, but they are also going to be very delicious.

So i hope this just gives you all some ideas on what to grab throughout the store and maybe some ideas on some awesome dinners. If you enjoyed this video, please hit that thumbs up button. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more awesome, keto videos, and i will see y ‘

All in my next video you

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