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Holds up and welcome to a brand new episode of headbangers kitchen, my name is Sal, I’m a heavy metal musician and I’m also the author of the recipe book called Quito life welcome to Quito for beginners.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a series that I started earlier. This year, to make the keto diets simpler, especially for people who just wanted a meal plan to get started with and did not want to think about macros and calories.

If you haven’t seen the earlier episodes, please click here on the I button and watch those videos. Now today’s video is inspired by the current situation in the world. A lot of us are struggling to stay on keto because of the shortage of food in certain places or certain kinds of food actually and if you’re one of those people and if you were unable to keep to your keto diet, that’s okay! In fact, I’ve even made a video sort of giving you my perspective on that and again clicking on the eye button and watch that video, if you haven’t seen it, but for those of you who are still determined to stay on keto.

For those of you who have no option but to stay on keto, I’m hoping that today’s meal plan will help you out, which is why today’s meal plan is a three ingredient meal plan. It’S for keto meals, your breakfast lunch, a snack and dinner, and each meal only uses three ingredients.

Of course you can improvise these recipes based on what you have at home and if you don’t eat certain foods, I will give you food substitutions and options in the blog post, which you can get on headbangers kitchen com.

Anyway, that’s enough! Jibber-Jabber, let’s get on with the meal plan, so for breakfast we are going to be making some delicious scrambled eggs and we’re gonna. Take it up a notch with some fresh parsley.

So for this recipe we are going to need two eggs, a tablespoon of butter and some fresh parsley. So we are going to start by chopping up the parsley, really nice and fine. And if you can’t get fresh parsley, you can use dry parsley or you can use any other herbs of your choice.

Dried herbs are okay, as well as fresh herbs use whatever you can get. The next thing I’m going to do is crack the eggs into a bowl. Then I’m going to season the eggs with some salt and some black pepper and then I’m going to give the eggs a good whisk.

Now you can make this recipe with as many eggs as you like. If two eggs are too many for, you, then make it with a single egg, or if you have a larger appetite, three eggs will be just fine anyway, once you’ve beaten those eggs.

It’S time to get our pan on the stove and we are going to heat up the butter and once again, if you can’t get your hands on butter, you can use any other keto approved cooking fat that is available to you anyway.

Once that butter has melted, I’m going to pour in the beaten eggs and then using my spatula, I am going to just scramble the eggs. Now you want to cook these to your liking. Some people, like it soft and creamy.

Some people prefer to fully cook it till it’s firm and almost hard. In fact, let me know in the comments how you, like your scrambled eggs to be cooked. Now you want to cook this on a medium to low heat, so you have complete control of the cooking of the eggs.

If the heat is too high, they will cook way too fast and you may not get the scrambled egg you deserve. Anyway, once the eggs were cooked to my liking, I got the pan off the stove. I served myself the eggs in a plate and then I finished it off with the fresh parsley and this adds a lovely freshness to the eggs.

So that’s it. Ladies and gentlemen, our breakfast of scrambled eggs with fresh parsley is done and it looks delicious. So that was your breakfast and for lunch, we’re going to be using some canned tuna and we are going to make a very simple tuna salad.

It’S going to be guys so for this recipe we are going to need one can of Kuna cabbage and some mayonnaise. So the first thing I’m going to do is take my cabbage and I’m just going to finely chop up the cabbage.

Now. If you can’t get cabbage, you can also use lettuce. You can also use the purple cabbage any vegetable just to give the salad some freshness is what we’re looking for. The next thing I’m going to do is take my can of tuna and I’m going to open it up now.

I have just managed to get some store-bought tuna in sunflower oil, which is what I am going to use. But since I don’t require the sunflower oil I’m going to open the can and I’m going to drain the tuna, I’m going to pour out all that oil because I don’t need it and of course you can use any fish that is available to you canned or Even fresh fish will do but you’ll have to cook the fresh fish.

First, then I’m going to transfer that tuna from the can into the bowl. Then I’m going to add my chopped cabbage to the bowl. The next thing I’m going to do is add the mayonnaise to it and I’m going to add about two tablespoons of mayo for a whole can of tuna.

Now I’m going to season it with some salt and some black pepper and then I’m going to give it all a good mix. Ladies and gentlemen, now, ideally you want a keto friendly Mayo, but if nothing else is available, I guess you can use regular store-bought mayonnaise or you can make your own at home.

Just click on the I button to check out my recipe for how to do it. Now, of course, if you have other ingredients at home, you can definitely amp up this salad. You could add some mustard into it. You could add some hot sauce.

There are many different things you could do, but we are just keeping it really simple for now anyway, once that salad is mixed and ready, it’s time to serve myself a nice bowl of that salad. So just put your salad into your serving bowl and that’s it.

Ladies and gentlemen, our tuna salad, which is our lunch, is ready and it looks pretty delicious, even though it’s really simple. So that was your lunch and for a snack going to have it cheesy broccoli, big, because broccoli and cheese are a match made in heaven.

So for this recipe we are going to need some broccoli, some heavy whipping cream and some cheddar cheese. Now before I get started, I’m going to preheat my oven to about 210 degrees Celsius. So the first thing I’m going to do is prepare my broccoli and I’m going to separate the florets from the broccoli stock.

I’M going to do this by using my knife and of course you can use frozen broccoli if it’s readily available in your supermarket and, as I always say, do not throw away the broccoli stock because there are many ways to use it.

I will mention how, on the blog post now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to chop the broccoli into smaller pieces, because I don’t want huge pieces of broccoli. I want fairly small pieces anyway. You want to take your broccoli florets and give them a good wash.

So once I’m done chopping, my broccoli, I’m gonna transfer it all into a bowl and I’m gonna microwave the broccoli now for two full minutes. After two minutes, my broccoli is ready to use, and now I’m going to season the broccoli with some salt and some fresh black pepper now into my bowl, I’m going to add the heavy whipping cream and I’m going to give everything a good mix.

Now you want all the broccoli florets coated with that heavy whipping cream and the seasoning, of course, otherwise you’ll get like tasteless pieces of broccoli anyway, once I’ve, given that all a good mix, I’m now going to put the broccoli into a ramekin.

So I’m going to very tightly pack that broccoli into my ramekin and make sure you squeeze everything tightly in the ramekin and once you’ve done that now we’re gonna top it off with our grated cheddar cheese, so be generous cover it completely with cheese.

Make sure you pack it in really nicely, you don’t want anything falling off the sides and once that’s done, your ramekin is ready for the oven. Now, since I have enough broccoli for two servings, I’m going to fill up another ramekin with all the leftover broccoli and remember pack, it really tightly you want to have broccoli in every bite and of course, once you are done filling the ramekin with the broccoli.

You want to top it off with the cheddar cheese and then I’m gonna put both my ramekins into the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes or till the cheese on top has turned nice and golden brown. Now, if you don’t have an oven, you can still make this recipe just pop the ramekin into the microwave and cook it till the cheese melts anyway after 15 minutes, my broccoli was ready and you can see that cheese has turned lovely and golden brown and it Looks delicious just have a good look at that it looks so good anyway.

I can’t help, but to dig my fork into that ramekin and check out that broccoli, oh yeah, that looks really really good and your final meal of the day is going to be dinner and we are going to be making some delicious naked chicken burgers and trust.

Me this isn’t just any chicken burger, it’s a special one. So for this recipe you are going to need some ground chicken, some olives and some lettuce. So the first thing I’m going to do is take a couple of olives and I’m going to chop them up.

What I’m going to do is cut the olives in half then into quarters, and then slice them across this way you get small pieces of olive, but also big enough that you will taste them. I’M going to do one more olive, well cut it from the top I’ll cut it from the side and then I’ll cut it across and you get nice small pieces of Olive anyway, once you are done chopping, your olives, let’s go on to the next step.

So in a bowl, I’m going to add my ground chicken and I’m going to season the chicken with some salt and some black pepper. Then I’m going to add the olives into the chicken and I’m going to give it all a good mix.

Now you can also make this recipe with ground beef or ground pork no problem once I’ve, given that all a good make I’m now going to shape my burger patties and I’m using this lovely burger mold that my mother picked up years ago from the United States And a handy little tip is to wet the surface because that allows the chicken patty to pop out much easier anyway, once I filled up that patty mole, I’m gonna get my pan on the stove and to cook the burgers, I’m going to heat up some Beef tallow or some lard, now again, you can use any cooking fat that is available to you.

Avocado oil works really well anyway, once my cooking fat is nice and hot in goes the burger, and now I’m just gonna cook this for about three to four minutes on each side, because remember chicken cooks very quickly and once it’s done cooking on one side, I’M gonna just flip it over and then I’m going to stare at it for a bit because just look at that gorgeous color on the chicken patty and once it’s done cooking on the second side.

Well then, I’m going to take it out of the pan and what I’m also going to do is fry up another patty, so I’m gonna just put it into the pan & let it cook on one side and once that’s done cooking flip it over.

Let it cook for three to four minutes more and then remove it from the pan now to serve it. I’M going to get out my plate, I’m going to put a lettuce leaf on the plate. I’M going to put my burger patties.

On top of that, put a little more lettuce on the side and yep there you have it our chicken, burger, patties or our naked chicken burger is pretty much ready. And how do you eat this thing? You are asking me: well, you take a lettuce leaf.

You put the patty on that. You put another lettuce leaf on top of that and you take a bite and that’s it. Ladies and gentlemen, your chicken burger for your dinner is ready, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is your quito meal plan with just three ingredients.

Now, obviously, depending on what you have available, you can adjust the recipes to suit your palate as well as use ingredients you may have at home and I’ll put all the information, all the suggestions, all the options, all the food substitutions on the blog post, which is On headbangers kitchen com, the direct link is in the video description box just below this video.

So please, please, please make sure you read the blog post anyway. I hope you enjoyed this video and I guess there’s nothing else left for me to say except enough jibber-jabber. I will see you on the next episode of headbangers kitchen Cheers and keep cooking hey folks.

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