Hey what’s happening guys, keto coleslaw is what we’re making today and this stuff. It’S creamy, it’s tangy, it’s incredibly delicious and it’s just so easy to make Plus this coleslaw it’s perfect for keto, because it’s so low carb, every serving of it has less than one.

That card that’s up, let’s get right into the good stuff and I’ll show you how to make keto coleslaw, okay. First, things first want to get out a small head of green cabbage like this, and then we’re also gonna be using a normal sized carrot to make our keto coleslaw as well.

Now as far as prepping the carrot. The first thing we want to do is use a peeler to peel off the skin and then, when that’s looking good wan na lay down a wet paper towel and our cutting board to cut off the end of the carrot.

Then what we want to do is get out a food grater like this and use the large tear drop side of the grater to grate the carrot. That being said, you want to hold the carrot at a 90 degree angle against the grater and you’ll also want to grate the carrot from the end to the tip, like I’m doing here.

So once we’ve shredded up our carrot, we’re gonna transfer it to a large bowl, and then we can start working on our cabbage. Of course. The first thing we want to do is remove the stem. Then we can cut the cabbage in half and remove any of the inside of the stem as well.

Then we can easily shred the cabbage with our knife first by slicing it lengthwise and then, when we’ve taken care of that we can slice it a few times. Width wise as well, and, of course, if you happen to find any hard stem pieces, you want to remove those before adding the cabbage to the bowl that we used for our carrots.

Then, once we’ve got that looking good we’re gonna remove the inside core to the other half of our cabbage and just shred that up like we did with the first half now. At this point, we can add the rest of the cabbage to our bowl and give it a good mix with our hands until all the cabbage and carrots combined nicely with one another.

When that’s looking good, I like to add a cup or 85 grams of this stuff of broccoli slaw to my coleslaw, of course it is optional, but it is delicious and it’s basically just shredded broccoli, carrots and red cabbage anyways.

Once we’ve added that I’m gonna start adding the dressing to the coleslaw, starting with the Mayo and for today’s keto coleslaw recipe want to use a heaping quarter cup or 90 grams of mayonnaise, followed by a tablespoon or 15 grams of rice, vinegar, a tablespoon or 15 grams of unsweetened almond milk, 1/4, teaspoon of celery salt and a nice pinch of pepper by the way, we’ll also want to sweeten up the coleslaw with some of this stuff, some confectioner swerve, since it has zero net carbs and zero calories and about a tablespoon Or 10 grams of it will add the perfect amount of sweetness to the coleslaw.

So now that we’ve added that we can give our keto coleslaw a good mix and once it’s looking well combined and creamy like this, we can transfer it to a couple of bowls and dig in, and that is how to make keto coleslaw for more info.

On the recipe check out the video description below – and I hope you enjoy it –

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