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Hi everyone welcome to my channel and welcome to my series of healthy recipes. So today I am going to prepare cabbage cutlet so for this have taken around 1 medium sized cabbage and I’m going to cut this and grind it coarsely in a mixer.

So once it’s ground coarsely, I’m going to squeeze off that excess water and separate this cabbage. So for the seasoning I’m going to use ghee, that’s clarified butter and I dog ginger powder and finely chopped garlic, [, Music, ].

So add this seasoning into this cabbage [. Music, ] and add salt to taste, add red chili powder and a pinch of turmeric powder and add sufficient quantity of pepper powder, a bit of garam masala and add three eggs: [ Music, ], [, Music, ] mix this into a nice good mixture and add some Cashew powder, you can also use almond powder.

This is just to thicken up this mixture and paste [, Music ] so add some ghee on to the pan. You can also use coconut oil and add sufficient quantity of ghee because we don’t want this to get burnt when it’s being fried [, Music, ] so add one tablespoon of this mixture on the pan and spread it into the shape of a cutlet and let it Fry on low heat, don’t increase the flame, because this may get burnt and once it gets a nice good golden color to this turn it so it can fry on the other end.

So when it continues to fly on low heat, it’s done and you can empty it on a plate. [, Music ], you [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], you [ Music ]. So you can solve this with some. She has one chutney I’ll, also be posting or recipe of it very soon on my channel so guys.

This makes such a tasty and a healthy recipe to do trout this recipe, and let me know how you liked it by mentioning in the comment section down below all the ingredients and the quantity that I have used, are mentioned down below in the description box.

So you can refer to that. I’Ve also mentioned the macros of this recipe, so you can refer down below in the description box. I’Ll be posting more such nice interesting recipes on my channel, so stay updated for my more recipes to come up.

Bye, bye, [, Music, ]

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