How To Make Healthy Low Carb Ricotta Cheese Cake No Flour No Sugar


Hi guys chef Serge is here losing weight, and today I am 70. I know what you think. I look at much younger, but guess what it’s, not a age. This is my weight. I lost 70 pounds and today we’re. Going to celebrate with the ricotta cheese cake, why not get to the business a ricotta cheese cake? This is ricotta when I pick up a nap in a store.

Usually I take the big one, but I took the five of these five each one. 15 ounces of 5 by 15 is 75 ounces. Okay. So this what I did right here but a trick is this – is recorded 75 ounces, but this was overnight in a cheesecloth under little weight, so we was drained their excess of liquids and I will show you the picture right now.

So it’s. Really dry, actually, that’s. My mama’s recipe and usually she do record a cheese by herself from the milk. If you want to learn it, just let me know, and I will put the recipe, but this is from store, so it’s, not so complicated what we need.

We saw it at a five jars and we’re going to 5 eggs. I’m gonna put a little salt up there. 1 teaspoon. I guess what you’re, not gonna put a flower this. Why? We need a ricotta cheese, very dry, not very, very dry but its success.

You know this is a lot of liquid inside. So we don’t want a runny cake, so we have ricotta cheese. We have our eggs. The third part. It is dried. Cranberry, which I like it very much with this kick you can use raises, but I like cranberry, dried cranberry, it’s, really sweet a really nice.

This yrk gonna be sweet. So before you will open there, we’ll open the package and I put a little bit of for the hot water in it for a couple minutes and drain again. So let’s. Give you some little softness, so we already can mix it up with our egg and we can add our you see the consistency, consistency very good.

We’re gonna mix it up here is the form typical, regular and with my mom. She kind of the cut out of paper on the bottom just to be safe, so it’s, not a secret and she insist on a little spray. I’m a little bit against it, but she was insist a little bit, so it’s, not gonna stick, and what are we gonna do gonna put inside it’s, gonna be delicious.

Look at as beautiful you can see it’s very simple recipe: ricotta cheese, egg, salt, dry, cranberry. Now it’s going to oven. We will see exactly how long it’s. Gon na take all right. I will see you in a little bit: voila it’s, ready it’s, took the actually the hour with a 350 degrees.

Now we can decorate okay. This was ricotta cheese cake. Today we’ll. What can I say it’s not every day, just the celebration. Seventy pounds down hey just one piece, one piece: I watching you want peace, sorry stay healthy.

My friends, bye, bye,

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