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Welcome to this episode of cooking with Kirby today, we’re gonna be pan searing some salmon and I’m gonna be making a delicious zesty beautiful sauce to go right over it. It has a little bit of lemon butter and some garlic.

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If you would like to help support the channel, go to we’re gonna be getting some really good salmon fillets, and you also want the skin on there, because that the skin actually has a little bit more omega-3 fatty acids.

We’Re gonna need the juice of one lemon one tablespoon of minced garlic, four tablespoons of unsalted butter, 3 tablespoons of heavy cream those ingredients we’re gonna make our sauce so now to our salmon fillets, we’re gonna drizzle a little bit of olive oil right There on the meat side and then we’re gonna go ahead and season with a little bit of salt and pepper.

Now we’re gonna oil a pan over medium-high heat. You kind of want this hot, because we’re gonna be cooking a little fast. So once it comes to temperature, you want to go ahead and put your salmon skin side down.

You want to get a really good sear on that skin and on this first part we’re gonna be cooking it four to five minutes. Once you see a little pink coming up along the side of the salmon after the four to five minutes, is up go ahead and give the your salmon a flip.

As you can see, the the skin side doesn’t cook as fast, but once you turn it over and put it on the meat side, the Salmons gonna cook a lot faster. So this is probably gonna be about four minutes of cook time on this side.

After the cook time, you want to check the temperature of the salmon. The safe temperature is 145 degrees, but you can tell that from the sides that it’s nice and pink that’s a good indicator that it’s done while our salmon is resting, we’re going to start our sauce so in a separate pan, we’re gonna go ahead and melt.

Our butter, this is on low heat. You do not want this on high, so we’re gonna go ahead and melt our butter, then we’re going to add our lemon juice, so go ahead and squeeze in that whole lemon and you don’t want to see.

So that’s why I’m using a little screen, then you want to go ahead and add your minced garlic. Now you want this to cook for about a couple minutes. You want those flavors to just blend together, so you want those oils from the garlic to mix in with that butter and the lemon juice.

Then we’re gonna go ahead and add our heavy cream now the same thing with the heavy cream. But you know that this isn’t gonna mix in well, so you kind of have to you know, give it a stir and let it cook in and but once it’s done, though this is.

This is an amazing sauce that goes over your salmon, but yeah just go ahead and mix in and then once you see that it’s a nice, consistent color, you want to go ahead and season with a little bit of salt and pepper [, Music ] after you Mixed in your salt and pepper to your sauce right now is the best time to taste it to see.

If you need more seasoning, then you want to go ahead and just serve your salmon with that sauce all over it and go ahead and serve it with some sautéed veggies. That’S salmon perfect because so, let’s give it a taste that sauce when I tasted the sauce it was.

It was right on point nice, pink salmon, perfectly cooked Zacky, buttery creamy. At the same time, and just so, you guys can see the middle of the salmon. I’M gonna take it apart, cooked all the way, so four to five minutes, first side and and just let it rest and you’ll have a perfectly cooked salmon chip yo.

Definitely separable. The sign of a sautéed veggies complements pretty well. I just deal with some mushroom asparagus and some onions sauteed in a little bit of butter really good. Well, I got some eating to do.

Thank you so much for watching. I truly appreciated if you’re new to my channel hit the subscribe button so that we can see future videos just like this and many more. If you have any questions or comment, leave it down in the comment section now get back to you shortly as always I’ll leave the full recipe in the video description sign where you go to cooking with Kirby comm to get the full printable recipe.

Oh yeah, I got these recipes they’re really good. You should try them on now. Y’All be beautiful and take care [, Music, ]

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