Hi welcome back to my channel so today I have another really easy, keto dinner recipe for you. This is something that I like to have on a regular rotation, because my kids, like it, my husband, loves it and it’s really easy to make.

So it’s great for those weeknights when you only have maybe about a half-hour to make dinner. This is going to be your recipe, I’m going to show you how to make keto lasagna. So if you want to learn how to make this then keep watching.

This is just gonna be a very basic keto lasagna recipe for the noodles. I’M gonna use chicken breasts deli sliced chicken meat that I picked up from the grocery store. This is an idea that I picked up from Maria Emmerich she’s done this before when making lasagna.

It also works great for making enchiladas too. I have a video on how to make keto, enchiladas and I’ll have that linked up above here you can click on the eye or down below in the description box. The recipe for this keto lasagna is very basic, but you can always jazz it up with a little bit more spices, but I’m just gonna show you my simple ingredients that go into it.

So, first off I have a pound of ground. Beef certainly use two pounds if you’re gonna double the recipe or three pounds of you’re getting triple this recipe makes a really good freezer meal too. So I recommend making up one to have tonight, and maybe a second one to have later on that you can pop in your freezer and you’re.

Also gonna need some ricotta cheese and definitely get the whole milk ricotta cheese don’t buy the skim milk one because remember. We need to have as much fat as possible and low amount of carbs and then, of course you want some mozzarella cheese.

This is about two cups, maybe even three here, just I’ll leave the macros down below for you of what I’m gonna be using. You might have to adjust it based off of how much cheese you want and then for the sauce I’m going to be using.

My favorite sauce, which is Rao’s brand sauce. I picked this up from thrive market I’ll, have it linked down below on where you can purchase it. It’S the best kind, there’s only four net carbs per. I think it’s a half a cup in here.

So it’s really good macros on this and then, of course, like I said we’re gonna be using deli meat for our noodles or lasagna noodles. So here is some sliced chicken breast you can get whatever kind you want.

Turkey works really good too and, like I said, if you want to jazz it up a bit, which I probably will I’m gonna, add some garlic powder and some basil, along with salt and pepper for seasonings. In my marinara sauce, the first thing that we’re gonna do is brown our ground beef and we’re just gonna cook it on a skillet over medium-high heat, with a sprinkling of salt and pepper for seasoning.

Now it’s time for the marinara sauce, I’m gonna. Add about a half a jar of the Rao’s marinara to this recipe and I’m just gonna, let it cook for about five minutes just so that all the flavors can melt together and now our red sauce is done once the meat is done cooking.

Now we’re ready to assemble the lasagna, I’m going to be using a rectangle, baking dish. This is like a smaller than an 8 by 10 or 9 by 11. I know it’s a smaller size. It says it’s 22 quarts I like using this one just because I like thicker layers of lasagna, so I like to use a smaller pan, but you can use whatever pan you want to traditionally lasagnas have a layer of red sauce down at the bottom to prevent The noodles from sticking then a layer of noodles, more red, sauce, ricotta, cheese and mozzarella cheese and then repeat your layers again with noodle red sauce ricotta mozzarella cheese.

So that’s what I’m going to do here too, so I’m just adding a thin layer of red sauce. Just to give it a little fluid down below, you could actually pour a little bit more of the marinara sauce down if you wanted to and not waste your red sauce, it’s completely up to you.

I just like to do this because I like to save my marinara for another recipe during the week. Next, we add our noodles down, and ideally you just want to lay down one slice at a time. Sometimes they break that’s, okay, you can just piece them together.

Now comes our layer of ricotta cheese. If you didn’t want to use ricotta cheese, I do have a recipe that I posted on my Instagram, showing you how to make a white sauce. If you wanted to make your own white sauce, that’s a little bit more involved, but it’s really delicious.

So I’m just gonna do a little dollops of ricotta cheese throughout just because it is a little bit harder to spread and then just kind of spread them evenly. If I can, and next our mozzarella cheese get sprinkled on and now we’re ready to repeat the layers laying down some more of our deli chicken slices and some red sauce on the last layer, I’m just gonna spread the red sauce and then top it with Some mozzarella cheese, so here’s our key to lasagna, I’m gonna bake this in the oven at 400 degrees till about like 15 minutes or so until it’s nice and bubbly.

On top thanks for watching guys. I hope you found this video helpful. Let me know what your favorite go-to weeknight meals are for. Making kyoto dinners down in the comments below have a good one bite.


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