DELICIOUS KETO ORANGE CHICKEN! Easy Low Carb Recipe! ONLY 4 gram of Carbohydrates per serving

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, i’m myra from low carb love and today we’re going to be making probably the most requested recipe ever we’re going to make a keto version of orange chicken from like panda express and i’m telling you.

This is the real deal like i tried it and i was blown away at how great this turned out. So i’m going to show you step by step, go over everything so that you guys can make it to the tea. So we’re gonna get started with our chicken, so i’m using chicken thighs because i like my meat to be just really moist um.

So i go more with a dark meat but you’re more than welcome to do uh the chicken breast okay. So i’m just going to show you the size of the pieces. These are about bite size to me um, but you know, if you need them a little bit smaller, then you can do that um, but you know more or less that’s what we’re looking at.

Okay – and this is one pound of chicken thighs, so we’re gonna set this aside and we are gonna start with our breading for our chicken. So we are using a half cup of unflavored protein powder. Everything will be linked in the description so that you guys are not lost with like which one what to buy um.

This is just an unflavored protein powder and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna season it. So here we have a half teaspoon of salt, okay, so we’re just gonna add the salt. We have a half teaspoon of pepper.

Okay, then we are going to use our ginger, which is a quarter teaspoon. Here, okay, we are going to just whisk this up. Okay, that’s just to flavor your protein powder because, obviously it’s unflavored now what we’re going to do is just crack our eggs we’re gonna use two eggs.

You might be able to get away with one, but just to be on the safe side. We’Re gonna use two um, because here all we’re gonna do is actually um we’re gonna dip it right. So let’s go ahead and whisk our egg really quickly and once that’s done we’re just gonna start dipping.

So we have our chicken thighs and then our egg, our breading and then our plate right so you’re, just gonna grab your piece of chicken you’re gonna dip it into your egg and right into your protein powder.

Like so, okay, you want to make sure it is nicely coated if you can see that guys so now that i’ve breaded all our chicken, i just want to show you what it’s going to look like. Okay, you just want to uh.

You want to take your time because if you try to rush everything really really quickly what’ll end up happening is you’ll just get like clumps of the protein powder and you’ll get frustrated, so just make sure you dip it powder onto a clean plate dip it.

You know the egg powder and onto a clean plate. Then you’ll have something looking like this okay, so then we’re just going to set it aside, we’ll put that aside and now we’re going to start with our sauce.

So you want to get a clean bowl. Okay and we’re going to start off with our water, so you want a quarter cup of water. Okay, then we’re gonna do a quarter cup of white, distilled vinegar. We have three tablespoons of soy sauce.

You can also use like coconut aminos or liquid aminos. Okay, then we have a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger. We have half a teaspoon of garlic, come on little guy, so that is um half a teaspoon of ground.

You know garlic, you can use fresh for sure. You can use about two cloves of garlic. Now these are the red, pepper, flakes, okay, so red pepper flakes we’re using half a teaspoon. But if you want to you know chill on the heat, you could do a quarter teaspoon or omit it like all together, but we are about the spicy life.

So we are going to add the half teaspoon okay and you can also um add it at the end. But i really want it to to give that spice to the to the sauce. So we’re gonna do it in the sauce and then i’m gonna show you um you know.

Obviously, oranges are not keto because they’re super super high in sugar, but we can definitely zest so half of the zest of a medium orange okie dokie. We are going to add 3 4 cup of sweetener, okay, so you’re, just gonna use your sweetener of choice.

Now we’re going to do a half teaspoon of sesame seed oil. You can find this pretty much anywhere. I got this at traders, so i’m just going to do a little half half teaspoon okay and we are going to mix this up now.

The sauce usually has a thickening agent, which is typically corn starch, so you can use the cornstarch, but obviously we are trying to make this as low carb as possible, so we are going to use xantham gum, okay.

This is how it’s spelled and you can find this all over anywhere. Basically, the easiest place would probably be online, but um you can. I found that at wally, so you can get it. You know anywhere and it’s a thickening agent.

So we are not going to add it right into our sauce here, but we are going to add it um once it starts to to cook and simmer on our on our little pan. Okay, so let’s go ahead and move over to the stove and we are going to start cooking our chicken and our little sauce okay.

So we are going to cook this at about a medium heat. I would say: you’re gonna use about a half cup of olive oil or avocado oil or even coconut oil, and i’m just going to coat the bottom. You could definitely deep fry this, but we’re going to shallow fry this.

Okay, so we’re going to start throwing in our little pieces at a time and if you can dust off like the excess protein powder, it’s good to dust it off, because once it gets into the oil, then it just starts to kind of get your oil dirty.

If that makes sense, [, Music ], so let’s go ahead and put in you’ll, see how crispy this baby gets. You guys, i hope you are excited, because this is the real deal right here now you can see the beautiful brown color and it’s still going to cook a little more once we put it into our sauce, so you just want to get a good crisp on It and then it will finish cooking once it is simmering and in the sauce.

So here is our first batch cookies for a good three minutes on each side. So these are nice and crispy. Here is our second batch. Now, let’s just go ahead and put everything onto our plate, so we are going to use a little bit more oil just so we can make our sauce.

I would say it’s like a half a you know, a little half a tablespoon, just a little um. I just eyeballed it, but that’s what we’re gonna do and now you obviously want to taste your sauce before we put it in be careful because this is obviously liquids, and this is um oil with you know, and my was a little hot, so you just Want to make sure that it doesn’t, you know splash all over the place.

Okay. So now we are going to let this start to simmer and of course you see how it looks very liquidy. Well, i’m going to show you the magic to the sauce, so stay tuned, let’s go ahead and add our little magic ingredient here that is low.

Carb. I’M going to show you here, the [ Music ]. You can see here the carbs right, so it is less than one carb for the xantham gum that we’re going to use we’re using a quarter. Teaspoon we’re just gonna pour this into our water really quickly.

While that heats up we’re going to mix this up because it’s easier to mix it in here than to throw it onto the directly onto the sauce, so let’s just make sure that this is all mixed up and we are going to throw it right in.

Let’S go ahead and you will see what happens okay, so i just pulled this off the flame to make sure that the xanthan gum was completely dissolved. You can actually just throw it right onto the sauce and you know it’s going to be the same thing.

You just want to make sure that it’s completely dissolved it’s starting to thicken. So what we will do, let it just simmer real quick. I will show you once you’re able to see that you know it’s starting to thicken like so you can throw your um chicken in okay.

So let’s go ahead and do that now i have our chicken right here. Let’S just go ahead and put it right in okay: this will continue to thicken a little more and you will just let it thicken to your liking, but the taste of it will be the same, which is what matters at this point.

It’S just about your personal preference and how thick you want your sauce, so let’s go ahead and make sure that it’s all well coated before we are ready to pull it off. This is your deliciousness right here, so our chicken is done so now we’re just going to grab a little bit of green onion and, of course this is just to taste and also optional um, let’s go ahead and you know just something like that: let’s go ahead And sprinkle this over our chicken.

Actually, let me bring our chicken here so that you guys can take a look at how absolutely perfect this turned out. You can see this, i don’t know if you can actually see the sauce. It is fully thickened beautiful, crispy orange chicken, so then you’re just going to throw our green onions over like so and of course you would serve this just with some cauli rice.

You can even maybe get like a low carb noodle and make like a little chow. Mein on the side, you know i mean get creative with it, but the the star of the meal here will definitely be our orange chicken.

You already know that this is my absolutely favorite part of this entire video and, of course, with this recipe. Here, i’m even more excited, so i’m just gonna do a little dunk in some sriracha sauce.

You can see that this is gonna, be the ultimate bite. Oh man, oh my gosh. This one here is the best you guys. I can’t even right now. [, Music, ] so delicious. The perfect perfect balance between the orange, the spicy, the sweet guys, my heart, it’s so happy right now! This is like seriously so worth making.

I know, there’s a few extra little steps, but i’m telling you it is so worth it. You will never go out for takeout again, so i hope you guys really enjoyed this recipe as much as we did. Please make sure that you tag me when you make them, because i love sharing your recreations.

Of course, if you want to see more recipes like this, make sure that you are subscribed to my channel make sure you turn that post notification notification bell on so that you don’t miss any of my recipes coming up, of course, give this video a big thumbs Up, if you guys love me and want to see more of my recipes guys, thank you so much for joining me and until next time i will see you on my next video mwah love.

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