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What’S up guys welcome back to getting saucy and, as I promised, we’re gonna do our keto skillet today, so we’re just gonna do a little bit of shrimp with spinach some garlic, some cream and it’s gonna turn out beautiful, just a little bit spicy And it’ll definitely keep doing good success.

So let’s get started. I’M working on my jenn-air induction cooktop, so I have my heat over up out of five. That’S about a medium! What I love about induction is I’m able to control the heat so well, just like a gas range, so that’s lovely! What I’m adding to my pan is just a tablespoon of butter right here, so we’re gonna let that melt down while we prep our shrimp.

So here I have medium shrimp about a pound. No.31 to a 40 count is totally fine, so these shrimpers want to take about two minutes or so to cook, not long at all. Now that our shrimp are gorgeous – and things like these, like them – we’re just gonna transfer them over into a separate bowl, so we can use the same pan cuz.

I don’t want to do dishes, so I’m gonna use this same pan and I am just going to go ahead and add my aromatics. So that’s going to be my onion first get that onion into the pan. You can act or just little noise, so we got the onion into the pan.

Well, add a little salt to it to help that onions start to wilt down just like that. Next, I’m gonna add my favorite food in the whole world. So about 30 seconds to a minute, when you start to soak that garlic, then you know that you’re ready to hide the next ingredient.

So we have about a quarter to a half a cup of sun-dried tomatoes right here. I think the oil has a beautiful flavor. So I like to add it to dishes like this. It gives it a little bit of a more complex piece, especially when you’re using very old premium, so we’re gonna saute this for a few seconds, I’m gonna eat this whole pan.

Like I’m sorry, I’m greedy, it’s gonna happen. So next, what I’m going to do is I’m gonna take a little bit of chicken stock and I’m gonna start since eglise, my pan, so dick Lee’s is just a fancy word for scrape up all the browned bits on the bottom.

You see this brown bits right here. I’M gonna add this right into my skillet. I’M gonna scrape up all those bits. Okay, so I’m gonna switch over to my spatula, so I can do by scraping there we go now.

Why are we striping up the bottom of the pan? Those browned bits are gonna impart, so much flavor into your recipe. It’S amazing, alright. So now that we scraped up all our brown bits, I’m going to go ahead and add our spinach and get that hook down.

Okay, now that our butter is nearly melted, we’re gonna go ahead and add our heavy cream to the pan. So I’m gonna simply just slow pour in my cream. There we go first, so I don’t splash anything up on some myself.

That noise is my adoption cooktop telling me to remove my pan back to the pot space. Thank You induction. So here I have about two tablespoons of chopped fresh parsley. We’Re gonna add that right into our pan, alright perfect.

So I’m going to go ahead and the last thing we’re going to do is add that shrimp right back into our skillets, so we’re gonna take our beautiful shrimp and we’re gonna layer it into our skillet. And just let that cook for a moment or two allowing that shrimp to pick up some of that beautiful flavor from the sauce that we just made okay, now you guys have you want more tips and tricks? You want to learn more easy, keto recipes, I’m here at gerhard’s appliances we have five locations in the Philadelphia area.

I travel to them often, and you might find me in any one of them so stop in and see us get yourself a beautiful induction. Cooktop like this one, because this is to die for uhm, but definitely come in and see me, so I can feed you and I can share all of our recipes together now that our shrimp is back in, it is coming up to a boil and it smells Like a million bucks, you guys, I cannot wait to taste this, so I’m gonna get some plating and eating.

So I hope that I see you guys next time on the show don’t forget to Like and subscribe, go and follow us. We are on YouTube. It’S called getting saucy and until I see you guys the next time, I hope you stay saucy bye, [, Music, ], you

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