CHICKEN BACON RANCH CASSEROLE! How to Make Keto Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole! Only 3 Carbs!


Have you ever tried a chicken bacon ranch casserole, hey guys, welcome back to my channel, i’m myra from low carb love, and today we’re, going to be making a keto chicken bacon wrench casserole. So this is the best way to describe.

It is like the filling from the chicken bakes from costco, but of course this is homemade. It’s, a super clean version and you guys have to try this okay, so you’re gonna start by washing your chicken.

I’ve, already washed it and tried to dry it as best as i can. We’re, just gonna go over it once more to make sure, and after it’s, nice and dry, we’re gonna go ahead and add one tablespoon of avocado oil.

So you’re. Actually, just gonna pour that right on top and then we have a quarter teaspoon of paprika. So we’re just going to put that in there. So i decided to wear gloves because it just makes it so much easier to move on with the recipe.

So i got these little clear gloves i’ll link them down below. If you guys need them, i grabbed them from amazon. They’re in my store, and so now we’re, just going to make sure that we coat the chicken with the oil and the paprika just like this, and then i will show you the next step.

Okay, so i’ve mixed this together, so the next step is getting your baking dish. Make sure that your oven is preheated at 375 degrees before you get started. Okay, so once your chicken has its the paprika and the oil we’re, just gonna put it right into the baking dish, and i’m gonna show you the next step.

Okay – and this is two and a half pounds of boneless skinless chicken, breast okay – it’s, just kind of cubed. You can cut it into smaller pieces if you’d like, but this is fine for us here. We have four ounces of cream cheese, and so now we’re gonna mix everything in so this is a quarter cup of sour cream.

We’re gonna put that right in and then we have a quarter cup of mayonnaise. We’re gonna put that right in and then our seasoning. So here we have half a tablespoon of garlic powder and then we have half a tablespoon of dried parsley.

We have a quarter teaspoon of black pepper and a quarter teaspoon of our salt and, of course, i’m using real salt. I’ll link it down below it’s, a healthy salt that is un processed unrefined, and it comes straight from the mine in utah.

So let’s, go ahead and get this all mixed together, and this is um. Essentially, this is like your homemade ranch um. This would be different than if you were adding it to a salad okay, so this is um for this casserole.

It’s, absolutely delicious. You guys are gonna, be so obsessed with this. I’m, telling you okay, so now our sauce is done. We’re gonna leave this here on the side and we’re gonna go ahead and cook our bacon.

So this is about four strips. You can use half a pack, a full pack, it’s completely up to you, but we’re gonna fry this up before we move on to the next step. So let’s, go to the stove okay. So now we’re gonna cook, our four pieces of bacon, and i’m, not gonna cook it until it gets super crispy because it’s still gonna continue cooking in the oven.

Okay. So i wanted to show you the difference. This is the crispy version that’s, going to go right into our ranch and then this is the one that will go on top so that it can get nice and crispy in the oven.

Okay. So we’re, just gonna add this part over here cause. This is the one that’s, nice and crispy. Okay and now we mix this together, ooh crispy bacon, okay, so now that it’s, all mixed in we’re, actually just gonna scoop this right on top of our chicken and we’re, going to spread it.

Okay, let’s, make sure we get every last bit. Okay, and now we’re gonna just spread it over the chicken. Oh, my gosh, you guys have to make this. You are just going to be so obsessed, and so is your familia.

Okay. So now that we spread our ranch now we’re gonna go ahead and spread half cup of cheese, and this is just the mexican blend. Of course, you can add as little or as much as you want now to finish it off.

We’re gonna top it off with our bacon and remember. This is gonna get crispy in the oven. This is like halfway halfway: cooked okay, okay, so now we’re gonna bake this at 375 degrees; okay, so we have the oven on convection.

So i’m gonna check this in 25 minutes and then see if it needs any additional time. Okay, so let’s get our casserole out. Oh my gosh! Look at this beauty! I ended up baking this for about 30 minutes. On convection, okay, okay, so here is my serving of the chicken bacon ranch casserole and, of course it doesn’t, look pretty casseroles, usually don’t.

Look pretty, but trust me. It is so tasty and totally worth making. I mean this is probably one of my favorites because super easy – and i just put it in the fridge and kind of like pick at it either throughout the week.

It’s, just a great way to have something on hand. If you want like a quick dinner or lunch, you know, but look at that so delicious. I mean you know that’s, just full of flavor [, Music ]. Oh my gosh! It’s so hot.

So i cannot put this big old bite in my mouth because it just came out of the oven, but it’s going to be delicious. We will do a taste test because we just must okay and now for the taste test. This is this.

Is so hot? I’m gonna burn myself, oh my god, [ Music, ], so delicious. You guys have to try it come back and let me know what you think: okay guys. So i am telling you this is one of those casseroles that you just have to try and it’s, just gonna be on repeat now.

The one thing i will say is i put in raw chicken which of course it completely cooked in the oven. But if you want to cook your chicken beforehand, then you would just put it into the oven for about five to ten minutes so that the cheese melts, because everything else is cooked.

Okay. But when you um put in raw chicken, as you can tell, we do get some of the juices okay, so you do have some of the juices, so you will just make it will always your chicken will be nice and moist, because this will absorb into the Chicken and then especially, if you’re gonna reheat it tomorrow or use it for meal prep, then you know that your chicken’s, not gonna be dry.

So this is how i made it, but again you can totally cook your chicken before okay, and one thing that i forgot to mention is that this reminds me so much of like the chicken bake from from the costco chicken bake.

If you guys want me to make a keto version of the costco chicken bake, let me know in the comments below and i will get on it asap. I hope you really enjoy this recipe. It’s. Super simple: it’s, just one of those recipes that you just have to try.

So if you still want a little more of me, then make sure you’re following me on instagram and on tick tock. I’m low carb love on both and make sure you have those post notifications turned on so that you don’t miss any of my future videos guys.

I love you so much. Thank you for being here with me and i’ll, see you on my next video mwah, hey guys, so i just wanted to show you. This is the next day i reheated the casserole with a little mozzarella on top, and it turned out so perfect, so just know that you can reheat it.

This is my low-carb pizza with jalapeno, onions and pepperoni

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