BEST KETO LASAGNA RECIPE! How to make Zucchini Noodle Keto Lasagna! Easy & Low Carb Recipe for Keto


[, Music ], yes, girl, hi, guys welcome back to my channel, i’m myra from low carb love and today we’re, going to be making a keto lasagna. So this is one of my absolute favorite recipes that i think i’ve ever made um.

I’m gonna show you an easy version of you know my lasagna recipe, but i also make my own sauce and if you guys want to see that version, let me know um, but i know some people are just like they don’t have time for that, and they’re like we just want it easy delicious and that’s.

What i’m gonna give you today, so i’m gonna go over very quickly. Our ingredients, we’re gonna go step by step. I’m gonna show you how this turns out. Oh my gosh, like cheesy and delicious and perfect, where you’re, not even gonna miss the pasta.

So anyway, let’s, go into it and i hope you guys enjoy so here we have our zucchini, so we use two zucchinis um, depending on how big your you know your dishes, but this is the size of my dish here, which is, i Would say this is what like a nine by nine by four or something like that.

I don’t know besides um and i use two large zucchini, so they do have to be large um. Then you can use ground beef today. I am using my butcher box, sweet italian sausage, so this is absolutely delicious and i i love it with you know when making either like a meat sauce or in this case lasagna.

I love using the sweet italian sausage, so that’s. What we’ll, be using, and there’s, a link down below. If you guys want to check out the butcher box promo that we have going on for the month uh, we will also top it off with some of the asiago cheese you can use parmesan.

I’m just going with asiago um. We’ll, have our ricotta our eggs, our sauce, one thing really important with the sauce: okay, so, whether you’re, keto, low, carb or not, you always want to find a sauce that has the least amount of sugar, just because sugar Is not good for our body, so i’ll.

Show you really quickly, even though my label is a little a little messy, but you’ll, see here that this has six net carbs per half cup and then you subtract two fiber, which ends up being four net carbs.

So, even if you’re, not keto always try to find a low sugar marinara, because you don’t there’s. Some that have like 30 grams of sugar, 28 grams. Like you, don’t need that in your body. So anyway, we’re gonna get started.

Our first step is going to be our zucchini because you do have to let it lay out and sweat. Zucchini contains a lot of water and if you leave the water in there, you might end up with a mushy lasagna.

We don’t want that. So i’m gonna show you. I actually already have some pre-sliced um, but basically i will use this little guy right here and then you’re, just gonna slice. It across be really careful.

When you’re doing it. It sometimes comes with a little stopper where you can actually um. You know slice all the way to the very end. I did not have that so i had to be like super super careful, but this is what it looks like and when they’re sweating, you will just pat down all the water okay so anyway.

So this is what it & #. 39. Ll. Look like it’s, going to be nice and dry at the end, and then once you have your zucchini all laid out and ready to go. You start with your sauce. Okay and that’s. What we’re gonna move, uh move on to the next step, which is our sauce and um yeah this little guy here i just grabbed it at my local ralph’s.

Um it’s, probably like three or four dollars uh. It was on sale, but anyway you’re gonna pay a little bit more for a sauce with low sugar, because um, usually companies that make low sugar marinara sauce are a little more cut like conscious and cautious with the ingredients that they use.

So anyway, let’s. Make our sauce. Let’s, move in um over to the stove, and i’ll. Show you how i make it you guys this is so delicious and i’m just so excited because you guys are going to be obsessed, okay guys.

So before we get started, we have two garlic cloves here, two large garlic cloves and we have this little garlic. Peeler just do this, and then you have peeled garlic. So we’re just going to mince this really quickly and you don’t have to i mean it’s really just to preference, but i’m going to try.

You know me and my chop my chopping skills, but let’s, go ahead and add a little bit of oil and okay. So we’re gonna add our quarter cup a quarter cup of onion and we’re. Just going to saute until this gets nice and translucent – oh, my gosh smells so good [, Music ] and we’re going to lower this.

So we don’t burn our cevolia or onion. I added about another tablespoon of onion, because a quarter cup was just not cutting it for me. But if you don’t love onion, then i would suggest you know just going with a quarter cup.

Okay. So there is our onion. Now let’s, go ahead and add our two cloves of garlic, [, Music, ], okay, so this is good. Our onion is looking translucent you don’t want to burn your garlic. So let’s. Move this to the back, and now let’s, get our sausage um, our yeah, our sweet italian sausage, okay.

So this is what we’re using so butcher box. If you guys don’t know, butcher box is all of their meats are grass-fed. They’re sustainably raised really just the quality of their meats is amazing, and there’s, usually a promo running every single month.

On your first box so make sure you click the link below to see what it is this month. There is a free turkey with your first box, so um you know check to see what what the promo of the month is and um.

We’re just going to toss that right in, and i personally do not like the casing, especially like this, where we need to you know just mix everything together. If you want to grill them, that’s, a different story, but right now we are not so, and this is a pound in case you’re, wondering you can just use a pound of sweet italian sausage or a pound of ground Beef, you know whatever you prefer, but i’m using sweet italian sausage.

If you want to make it just like me, so we want to brown some of the sausage so that it gets that that nice flavor and i will show you what i mean by that now. What we’re gonna do is add a half a teaspoon of oregano.

Add that in we’re, going to add a quarter teaspoon of the chili flakes that’s, not going to be enough to make it spicy. But it will give it a little. You know a little little kick tiny bit a little pepper to taste.

I love pepper, though. Okay, we’re, going to do about a half. A teaspoon of this is fresh basil, all right guys. So, as you can tell you can see those little brown pieces right in there, that’s, just um, going to add to the flavor all this right here that looks kind of burned.

It’s, not it’s, just deliciousness once you add your liquids and it all comes together. None of that will be there. Okay, so we have our little sauce here. Remember we are making our quick version. We’re.

Just going to use the whole thing add that right in flattering all over okay make sure you get off every last little bit pretty good, pretty good, let’s, go ahead and mix that up. I hope this, because this is cast iron.

Okay deliciousness now, if you guys um, if you guys cook, you know with tomato sauce or marinara, you guys know that it is pretty acidic. So to balance that out, you can add a little teaspoon of sweetener.

That’s. What we’re, going to add here um, but of course, that’s to um. You know preference. If you want a little bit more sweetener, you can. I’m literally using one teaspoon. I will taste it and if i need a tiny bit more, then of course i will.

I will add that, but we’re just using one little teaspoon, okay and it’s. Not gonna make it sweet don’t think it’s. Gon na make it sweet. It literally just balances out the acidity in the in the tomatoes.

So while this um, you know it’s, gonna start to to boil we’re, going to add a little bit more um. We’re, going to add some basil. So remember this is our fresh basil. I’m, going to add some of that smells so good.

Oh, my gosh smells so good and we’re, going to save a little okay. Let’s, save a little for the top. We’re, going to save this for the top of the lasagna, just to give it that little green um. You know that green color, but we will taste it and see if it needs anything more.

I usually add a little bit more oregano a little bit more because um what we did was just season the meat. So now um, we’re, going to season the sauce a little okay and we’re gonna add about another quarter, teaspoon of oregano.

This is just a little. This is just for flavor, guys, flavor a little more chili flakes for the spice, but remember it’s, not really it’s, not gonna be spicy. It just gives it a little kick if you don’t like spice at all, then don’t.

Do this last one all right guys, so the sauce is pretty much done at this point. I want you to see the thickness. You know the consistency before i turn it off, so you can tell that this is going to be.

You know like scoopable: it’s, not going to spread like liquid on top of the zucchini, because remember we are going to layer it with some ricotta and anyway i’m, going to show you, but i just want you guys to Check out the consistency? Okay, so now let’s, go ahead and turn off the heat and let it sit for a bit while we get the rest of our ingredients, prepped, okay, guys! So now that our sauce is pretty much done, we’re, letting it sit, so it can thicken up a little and what we’re gonna get started on here is our mixture.

So this is our ricotta mixture. This is just one pound of whole milk ricotta, and if you want to use skim, i’m sure it would be fine, it’s, just it might have um higher carbs. We’re, going to add the entire uh.

What is it 16, ounces, okay, and to that we are going to add our eggs. So we’re, going to add two eggs to this, and this is gonna um work as a binder, okay and add a little bit of pepper just to taste a little tiny pinch of salt because we did add salt to our zucchini.

And you just don’t want it to you. Don’t want it to be salty okay, so you can always add salt, but you can’t. You know, take it away, so i will get a whisk. If i need it or for it let’s see, i might not need it, but so we’re, going to mix this together and once this is ready, we will start to layer.

Okay. So now we’re, going to start off by adding some of our meat sauce. Sometimes i do start off with a layer of zucchini, but this time i went ahead and did meat, so we did our meat sauce and then we are going to layer, our ricotta mixture.

So you’re, just going gonna, do a nice layer before adding your mozzarella cheese, so a good layer of mozzarella and another layer of zucchini and keep layering. Until you finish your ingredients and now we’re, going to grate some parmesan or asiago cheese.

So, to finish off the lasagna, we’re, just going to finish, topping it off with mozzarella, and we will put in a little bit of parmesan mine is astiago. You can use a blend, you can do whatever you want um.

This is more for flavor. This is not what is going to end up browning at the top. So if you don’t like parmesan or astiago, then don’t use it, but i love it here. We have our basil. We are topping it off with some fresh basil, and now it is ready to go in the oven guys.

Our oven has been preheating at 350 degrees, okay guys. So we have our oven heating preheating at 350 degrees. We’re, going to bake this. For about 20 to 25 minutes, and then we’re, going to broil the top to get that nice brown like crispy.

Look that you see when you make lasagna okay, so we did 25 minutes of cooking about five minute broil, and this is what this baby looks like. Oh, yes, girl, i’ve been fasting all day, so you know your girl’s.

Ready to eat okay guys, so we got this out of the oven. You saw us put this together. Now let’s, try and get a slice. I usually like to let this sit out for a bit, because then everything kind of you know comes together and solidifies a bit, but we don’t have time for that today, because we obviously need to do a taste test and show you what The inside looks like right.

You can see that there, oh my gosh, can you see that so, as you can see it, hasn’t set yet and that’s. What happens when it is straight out of the oven? So i would recommend letting it set for about a good 30 minutes.

This literally just came out, so you have everything that is still. You know a bit um like everything’s very juicy, but i will show you once it does set. I will show you what it looks like, so you can see the difference from when it first first comes out of the oven until you know once it sets, and then you can actually cut into it and serve yourself a slice, but trust me when i tell You this is amazing and you guys are going to be obsessed all right guys.

So i’m, not going to wait for it to to set. We’re just going to do a taste test with this, because the flavor doesn’t change much. It is just a consistency, so i’m trying to get a little bit of everything hang on.

I don’t get that part, because i’m trying to cut into it. Okay, so i’m trying to get a really good bite for you. Guys and again. I will show you once it has once it has set, and it is nice – and you know thick so as you can see, that is full of flavor cheesiness deliciousness and let’s, see it’s like i haven’T eaten this in so long, i feel like i can eat it every single day, wow guys.

If you’ve, never tried making a low carb lasagna. You guys have to give this recipe a try. It’s, absolutely delicious natty’s actually going to get mad at me because she wanted to do the taste test with me.

She’s um in water polo right now. This is one of her favorite meals. Just so you know, and you know, nothi is a picky girl. This is phenom, so the only thing missing is some cheese, some cheesy bread on the side, so we ‘

Ll have to come up with that recipe. For you guys and um. You know put it on the channel very soon, but trust me, you guys want to make this make sure that you tag me on instagram, so that i can reshare your your recreations uh with everyone else.

Everyone loves to see them. I love to see them. Give me any ideas down below if you have a different way of making your low-carb lasagna share it with everyone else in the comments and yeah make sure that you guys are subscribed to my channel.

If you don’t, follow me on instagram. Make sure that you guys are. I share a lot of just quick meal ideas. I share recipes on there as well. Diet tips, keto tips. All of that. So thank you so much for joining me on this video.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this recipe. It’s, one of my favorites, and i know you’re, going to love it. I love you guys, and i will see you on my next video

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