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Horns up and welcome to a brand new episode of head bangers kitchen. My name is Sahil, I’m a heavy metal musician, [, Music ] and I’m the author of the recipe book called Quito life. Today, I’ve got another five ingredient, keto recipe for you and we are making a chicken alfredo, which is a chicken cooked in a creamy mushroom, garlicky, sauce and finished, with some fresh parsley anyway.

That sounds really delicious and Alfredo is basically a white creamy sauce or, as we say in India, white sauce, pasta anyway enough jibber-jabber. Let’S get cooking for this recipe. You are going to need chicken, mushrooms, garlic, parsley and heavy cream.

The first thing I’m going to do is prepare the mushrooms, and I am just going to slice, mine, nice and thin. You can also cut it into quarters or halves depending on your preference, but I think sliced is best for this recipe.

Next, I’m going to finely chop the parsley as well. Now you can use dried parsley. If you can’t get fresh, a great alternative is using the leaves of celery. They are a great option to replace parsley.

And finally, I am just going to mince the garlic for this recipe. You can finely chop it or dice it if you like, but I prefer it minced anyway. Now I’m going to season my chicken – and I am using chicken breasts and sometimes the breast comes with a little additional part called the chicken tender.

I’M just going to separate that from the breast and now I’m going to season them with salt and pepper. And I will do that on both sides and as always, you can use chicken thighs for this recipe. You can use pork chops and even fish anyway time to cook that chicken I’m going to get a pan on the stove and get the pan nice and hot, and then I’m going to add some kind of cooking fat.

Don’T ask me what it is but well, since you will ask me, it’s a mix of pork, fat and avocado oil once it’s smoking hot in goes my chicken, the breasts the tenders and all the other little bits that I have, and now you just want to Cook the chicken these breasts will take about three minutes on each side and you want to get a nice sear on the chicken so cook that chicken and after three minutes it’s time to turn them over, and you should have a beautiful sear on it.

I’M also going to add a bit more of a avocado oil, as I felt the pan needed a bit more oil in there and now I’m just going to admire that beautiful golden-brown crust on the chicken. Now the tenders and the little bits are going to finish.

Cooking first, so I will remove those from the pan and just look at the crust on that chicken. Just look at it anyway. The breasts will take about a minute or so more and then once they are done, you can remove them from the pan as well.

Now I’m going to add a knob of butter into the pan, and I realize that butter is a pantry staple. It’S a keto cooking fat, so it doesn’t really count as one of my five ingredients anyway. Let that butter melt and then in goes my minced garlic and now you’re, just gonna saute, that garlic till it turns nice and golden brown.

Once that happens in go my mushrooms and I’m gonna season, the mushrooms with some salt and some pepper, and then I will give everything a good mix and just cook those mushrooms. Now I’m also going to deglaze the pan with some water and when extracting all that, flavor from the pan and we are creating our sauce, the mushrooms will also release their water and you just want to cook them till most of that water reduces.

At this point. You also want to add in the resting juices from the chicken, so once most of the liquid in the pan has reduced, I’m going to add in the heavy cream, and I’m also going to turn down the heat to low and give it all a good mix.

And then I’m gonna put the chicken back into the pan into that delicious creamy sauce and since the chicken is already cooked, it doesn’t need to cook much more so just place the chicken in the pan and now it’s time to finish the dish with the Fresh parsley – and that’s pretty much it of course, don’t forget to spoon over that sauce over the chicken, because you want that chicken to be smothered in sauce and that’s pretty much a wrap.

Your chicken alfredo is done now to serve myself. I’M going to put a couple of breasts into my plate, pan spoon over some of that sauce and I’ll garnish it with a bit more parsley and there you have it folks, the five ingredient quito chicken alfredo is done and ready to be eaten.

So, let’s test [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ], all right folks. So it’s time to taste the five ingredient, chicken alfredo and look who’s back. It’S my dad Mickey Mejia, always the best part of the day to taste his cooking.

This is called Alfredo’s. This sounds like a fancy sit-down restaurant dish, but if you’re going to stand here and eat it with a fork, Alfred is just actually a white sauce stand whatever, but you normally eat it sit down with a knife and fork, but this looks ready with a fork Itself, yes, since we don’t have a tasting table, we stand and eat from bowls where I have pre-cut or pre well, Katya, basically pre-cut the chicken.

Anyway. Let me dig in tender chicken, great sauce, lovely mushrooms in it. Actually, I could sit down dinner, creamy Masumi, garlicky, delicious chicken E, and this is after eating a full lunch. The peep secret, you didn’t want people to know.

This is our tasting after actually eating a full lunch, because the kitchen is always occupied to fix lunch. For four people it’s only available for is cooking post. That anyway, I hope you like this.

It was great guys ten, five ingredients, Wow yeah, so in case you haven’t realized it. Yet there’s a 5-ingredient recipe theme going across the last few episodes, but anyway enough jibber-jabber from the two of us, I will see you on the next episode of head bangers kitchen, so you guys choose and keep cooking you cook it.

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