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Hey we got to let our hair down every now and then even me, mister, all business, all science, all seriousness, all the time we got to have some fun and I’m human. That means I have dessert. Okay, I make keto desserts sometime.

Oh, my god, those came out good because I am a real person. I’m, not just some two-dimensional thing that just spits out science and biochemistry knowledge all the time. So, anyhow, what I’ve got today are three super simple, relatively healthy, keto recipes.

Okay, these are things that you can make super fast in the way of desserts. Now, when I say super fast, we’re talking less than five minutes. Prep time, if even close to that okay, so I’m gonna try to knock this whole video out in like six seven minutes that we can just get back to our day.

First thing is going to be a healthier rendition of chia pudding. A lot of times, chia pudding, ends up having sugar in it. We don’t have to go that route. Okay. So what I’ve got here. I’ve, got anywhere from ten to twelve ounces of unsweetened almond milk.

Then I ‘ Ve got my good old-fashioned, chia seed. So, in this case, I’ve got about four tablespoons of chia seeds, go ahead and add them just to like a mason jar or shaker cup, or something like that, and then you want to use some monk fruit.

Okay, you can use stevia but in my opinion, stevia or when it’s, mixing with chia seeds. Chia seeds already have a little bit of a bitterness to it. It just ends up a little bitter, so I’ve, been using a liquid monk fruit.

I’m just gonna put I don’t know five six good drops in there yeah then I have four tablespoons of coconut cream. Now, when you go to the store – and you get this stuff, it might just show up as coconut milk, that’s.

Fine too, just don’t, get the light. Coconut milk, it’s, gonna be too runny yeah. This definitely adds some calories to it, but it makes it tasty and it definitely makes it keto friendly. At least with this coconut milk, we’re gonna get a good degree of MCTS a good degree of lauric acid.

So we’re, still getting a good ketone effect, but here’s. The little twist I use pumpkin pie spice and the reason I’m using pumpkin pie. Spice is mainly because, while a I like the taste, but the cinnamon has something in it known as methyl hydroxy chalcone polymer, which mimics insulin within the body, so it’s kind of cool, so it has a blood sugar moderating effect.

It kind of helps modulate blood sugar a little bit anyhow. Then, here’s, a little trick, use a little whisk ball little shaker ball. Put it in that little mason jar. You shake that sucker up and how long did that take me to do it took me what realistic, if I wasn’t, you know you having a whole bunch probably would have taken me two minutes at the most.

I’m gonna go, go ahead and I’m gonna put this in the fridge really quick and then you’re gonna want to sit there for about ten minutes in the fridge all right. So while that’s sitting there and setting up let’s, go ahead and make the next one promise you.

These are gonna. Be simple! This next one I’m gonna utilize fat snacks. So these are super cool little cookies. You can make your cookies from scratch, whatever you want to do with almond flour. I’m, a fan of fat snacks this because they’re, easy.

They’re super super tasty and, quite frankly, they support the heck out of this channel. So if you want to grab some fast next cookies, go ahead and utilize the link down below there’s, a special discount and a special Thomas de Lauer brownie and cookie bundle.

If you want to get your hands on them, so they’re made with almond flour. They’re made with the Ripper tall. They’re super super clean and super tasty. Okay. So now what we’re? Making here is a whoopie pie for making a healthier rendition of a whoopie pie, because we’re, not using a bunch of sugar Laden ice cream.

We’re, not using a big high fat sugar rich cookie. We’re using some good old-fashioned fat snacks cookies, and here I have unsweetened Greek yogurt. Okay, you could also opt for Bulgarian yogurt if you have unsweetened Bulgarian yogurt at your store.

Go for that because it’s a much more rich probiotic content, it’s, just not always easily accessible. So what I’ve done here is same thing. With this yogurt, I’ve, actually added a little bit of monk fruit to it.

I already did that, so this is gonna, be really sweet, now same kind of thing, and then I also added once again the pumpkin pie spice, just because I like that taste so mix that up you’re, making sort of your filling and Then you can do this two ways you can either add some cocoa nibs get a good amount of fiber in there and mix it up or you can add those later and then all we’re.

Doing super simple. I mean this is not rocket. Science does not take a genius to make this one, but I will tell you as far as Keita is concerned: it’s, a pretty gut friendly recipe, so put that together make a little sandwich.

Look at that I mean it’s. Good just like this check that out, I mean that’s, pretty darn tasty just like that, but I’m gonna put it in the freezer, and that only has to set for maybe five minutes and it’s.

Good to go okay, I took the liberty of already freezing one ahead of time. I want you to check this out and get it close up on there Junior check that out. Look at that mm-hmm the bite from the yogurt just enhances the flavor of that cookie.

It’s like that volt anus, normally with ice cream, it’s just so sweet it’s overpowering. But with this you could just hang this. It’s kind of like well hey. What do you know frozen yogurt put that aside and now this next recipe excuse me is one I’ve been making for a very long time.

I call this my chocolate mousse. Well, actually, my wife calls it my chocolate mousse mousse. The reason is because I sip on it like a little toddler. Almost every night before bed, it’s, really simple.

Okay, I’ve, got some warmed up almond milk. He didn’t up to a pretty good temperature. Now, normally, I would use a little whisk blender thing, but the batteries are dead in mine. So what I have here is a metal shaker Cup.

Okay, the reason I’m using a metal shaker Cup. Is you don’t want to be adding hot liquid to plastic, even if it’s, BPA friendly you, don’t want to be leeching all those chemicals into what you’re eating.

So I got that gonna take a little bit of the coconut cream. Here I just eyeball it probably tablespoon just adds a little bit of thickness to it, maybe a little more and then I’ve, gotten Dutch processed cocoa.

Why Dutch process? Well, it doesn’t have to be like I use regular cacao before, but Dutch process cocoa is processed with alkaline, so it ends up adding a good amount of potassium. You actually get a good portion of your RDA potassium with Dutch process.

Cocoa plus, it also smooths out the flavor. Now some people don’t like it, because it’s more processed and you do forgo some of the antioxidants. You do forgo some of the flavanols but in my opinion, the mineral benefit and the taste benefit that you get.

What is much better, why am I just eyeballing it because more chocolate is better and if I end up doing a little extra who cares so that ends up being a little more than two tablespoons and then lastly, again add a little monk fruit.

I’m gonna mix it up here again. Normally I just use a frother check. This out have myself a little bit of hot chocolate, and you want to get real crazy and go have yourself. Some cookies milk might even dip.

It is that hmm, I feel like. Oh no, you don’t want to sit here and watch me stuff. My face. You just want some quick recipes. Everything’s down below. I’ll list out all the recipes. Super simple: you can also get your hands on the fat snacks cookies special deal on my bundle down below with those.

As always. Thank you for being an awesome subscriber of make sure you hit that red subscribe button. Make sure you hit that little bell icon turn on notifications and if you want to see more of these fun little recipe, videos where I messed food up and make a mess and just destroy things.

Let me know see you tomorrow:

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