Hey guys welcome back to my channel, i’m myra from low carb love, and today we’re gonna be making the absolute easiest cookie. You’ve ever made in your life. It’s, a peanut butter, cookie that’s, made with three ingredients.

It’s, absolutely perfect! It’s, a little bit of chew a little bit of ooey gooeyness, i mean you guys are gonna, be so obsessed, and if this is the first time that you’re joining us, then please make sure that you do subscribe To my channel and turn that post notification bell on so that you don’t miss any of my recipes.

Okay with that being said, let’s, get started on our cookie okay, so our first ingredient is peanut butter and take a look at how creamy and smooth this is wow. I know i’m sure you can still use the spread which the spread is.

You know the one that you could basically flip over and um. It’s not going to pour out, but here we will use the creamy and we are going to do one cup and now let’s. Pour that into our bowl. Very nice make sure you get every last little drop in there, and now we are going to pour our sweetener, and this is a half cup of sweetener.

I use a powdered sweetener if you um, you can use granular, but i use powder. If you don’t have a powdered sweetener, you can actually just put your granular into the little coffee grinder or your blender or food processor, blitz it for a little and out comes powdered sugar and our last ingredient is one egg, one large egg.

There we go put that in and you’re, not going to believe it, but those are the three ingredients that you need for your cookie and if you want to use chocolate chips or you want to add nuts walnuts, pecans macadamia nuts, anything you Want you can even add a little bit of vanilla um, because guys this is your cookie, so basically, whatever you want, but the main ingredients are peanut butter, your sweetener and your egg.

Okay, so we’re gonna mix this in and then i’ll. Show you the next step. I mixed this for about 45 seconds to a minute. I just want you to take a look at what the batter is going to look like this. Is it here? Let’s, get our parchment paper out.

You’re, going to need a piece of parchment, put it over your baking sheet. So that your little cookies, don’t stick okay and roll these into a balls and of course it’s to your liking. How big or small you want them and let’s, keep it going and we’re.

Just going to add this to one that looks kind of small, let’s. Add it to this one, and here we go now. We’re, just going to press them down a little and then you are going to get your fork. I’ll. Show you right now i got my fork.

Let me grab my fork and what we’re going to do is actually just do like a little across that you know all the peanut butter cookies. Have i’m telling you this is the absolute easiest cookie ever and they are so delicious? I’m, not even a big peanut butter.

Cookie fan i’m, really not and um. I made two batches of these last week, so just just to tell you, and while we’ve been doing all this, our oven has been preheating at 350 degrees, so it is ready to go.

Now. I’m just going to grab these put them in there and ready to bake. We’re, going to bake these for about 10 minutes, and i’ll. Show you what they look like when they’re done. Our peanut butter cookies are all done.

This was about 10 minutes and i bet they are going to be perfect. Let’s, go ahead and transfer these little babies onto our cooling. Rack: okay, they look perfect perfection. Look at this. I can’t wait.

Make myself some almond milk. I add ice to my almond milk. I don’t know if that’s. A weird thing. Let me know if i’m, the only one, if you guys add ice to your almond milk, then let me know so. I don’t feel like a loner, but here are our peanut butter cookies.

That came out from start to finish in less than like 13 minutes. These are our cookies. They’ve cooled for about 10 minutes. I served myself some almond milk with ice and a little splash of heavy cream.

If you guys, didn’t already know this trick on how to make your milk taste a little bit creamy and just like normal milk, i’m, just add some heavy cream to almond milk and it makes it super creamy.

So i have my fancy straw. I have my milk and now my favorite part of the whole video is the taste test. So let’s, go ahead and take a bite. I’m excited um. I don’t know why i don’t make these more often um, chewy cooking, a little milk.

I promise you, you will not be disappointed years have to try these remember it’s. Only three ingredients. We made this entire batch within like 13 minutes from start to finish, the only thing is obviously letting them cool, but other than that you guys have cookies peanut butter cookies in 10 minutes so make sure you try it.

I hope you guys really enjoyed the recipe you enjoyed this video and hanging out with me until next time guys. I love you and i ‘ Ll, see you on my next video Source : Youtube

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