17 Keto Snacks At WalMart | Best Low Carb Keto Snack Ideas, For Work, School, & Travel At WalMart


17 of the best keto snacks at Walmart is what we’re talking about today, and all 17 of these snacks are under four net carbs, but a lot of them are too net carbs, 1 net carb or even just zero carb. Also, when I was shopping at Walmart for these kiddos snacks, I tried to pick ones that were great snacks, for when you’re on the go.

So most these keto snacks are great for work or school, or maybe you’re on a road trip and you’re just doing some travel. So that being said, let’s, jump right into things and go over what I think are some of the best keto snacks at Walmart.

So the first ketose snack we’re talking about from Walmart, is going to be the max pork rights or chicharones. I hope I pronounced that right. These are awesome because this entire bag – this is a very big bag of pork, rinds.

Only a dollar 78 also, what’s awesome about these is that there’s, zero carb, and they only have two ingredients fried pork skins and salt. That’s. All that’s in this package and they’re, absolutely delicious.

Hmm, oh yeah! What I personally love about pork rinds is the crunch that’s; amazing crunchy, salty buttery. It’s delicious. So next time you’re at Walmart, and you’re. Looking for a savory keto snack.

Definitely don’t pass up these Mac’s. Chicharones absolutely delicious macros are amazing, zero carbs and they’re, really reasonably priced. So speaking of crunchy things, my next keto snack idea from Walmart, for you guys, is the quest protein chips.

I love these. I’ve done a review on all of the quest protein chips already on my channel, but by far the best one, in my opinion, is the barbecue flavor these tastes, just like barbecue potato chips, at least they do.

In my opinion, the seasoning is on point and each bag is only three net carbs with that being said, I think these are more of a luxury keto snack than a frugal keto snack, because they are more expensive than say B Max pork rinds each bag is $ 2.

49, and that is kind of expensive for a bag that is as small as this. However, I do think these are a delicious keto snack and sometimes I’m – definitely willing to pay a little bit extra for something that tastes like a barbecue potato chip.

I actually haven’t had these in a while, and we’re going to Vegas in like three days. So I’m. Probably gonna pick up a one more of these crunchy salty smoky the barbecue flavor. It’s on point. Anybody who doesn’t like this and doesn’t think this tastes like barbecue potato chips.

They’re crazy. I’m literally gonna eat this entire bag. So another crunchy keto snack from Walmart are the wisps cheddar cheese crisps. This is actually the cheddar cheese version. I think there’s, a bunch of different versions.

They’re, also the most expensive crunchy keto snack that we’ve gone over so far. Every bag of these is two dollars and 98 cents. So if you’re trying to be more frugal about your keto snack ideas, this one might not be for you.

They do have really great keto macros, though every bag only has two net carbs and the rest of the macros. It’s, 28 grams of fat 20 grams of protein, and that is for an entire bag. Of these. You don’t.

Really get a whole lot in a bag, though you get maybe a little bit more than the quest protein chips, but definitely far less than you do with the Max pork, rinds or chicharonnes. Can you guys you’re? A super crunchy filled with cheese, flavor and really a nice amount of salt to him too, like I said, though, if you’re, trying to be more frugal about your ketose snack ideas, these probably aren’t.

You because, like I said three dollars a bag, they’re a little bit on the more expensive side. Wild Bill’s; slow smokes, handcrafted, original beef jerky. This is my next keto snack idea from Walmart and the reason I picked this jerky in particular the macros every serving in this only one net carb.

This is the lowest net carb beef jerky. I’ve ever seen in my entire life and by the way it’s priced reasonably at four dollars and ninety four cents, a bag, which is what I’d, expect to pay for beef jerky from Walmart all right.

So, as far as what this jerky tastes like this jerky is smoky, it’s salty there’s, a nice taste of soy sauce, like most turkeys, have and that’s pretty great because, like I said every serving this, Only one net carb, whereas most other Jerky’s, five net carbs per serving or around that and yeah.

If you’re trying to eat some jerky in a really keto friendly low carb way, wild bill’s. Jerky might be the answer for you. So while we’re on the topic of salty keto snacks from Walmart one of the most interesting keto snacks that I found there was the pizza in a bag pepperoni jerky.

This is from the guys from epicMealTime who have a huge YouTube channel, and actually the keto macros on here are pretty amazing. Per serving. Usually a jerky is around five net carbs per 28 grams. There’s only two net carbs per 28 grams of the pepperoni jerky, so great keto macros, and as far as the other macros, you have 10 grams of fat, 5 grams of protein and 810 calories per 28 grams serving of this stuff.

With that being said, this is another kind of expensive keto, snack idea and the reason I say that is because for this little bag it’s, seven dollars and 98 cents. I would expect to pay that at a gas station, but at Walmart that’s, kind of like double the price of regular beef jerky.

This is a super-sized bag. But what is the regular bag? This isn’t that big and it’s expensive. I personally never had this before, but I picked it up because obviously we’re doing this keto snacks at Walmart edition – and I figured I’d.

Try it for you guys cuz, the macros are so great on it. It smells delicious, it looks delicious it’s, definitely softer than normal beef jerky mmm. That is delicious, but is very salty. If you don’t like salty things.

This is definitely not for you. If you like, salty things, I love salty things. You’re gonna love, this stuff mmm, it doesn’t say this on the bag, but this is actually pretty spicy too. If you’re not into spicy things, you might want to stay away from this.

I like salty and spicy. So this stuff is just like a match made in heaven. For me, personally, I think beef, jerky and beef sticks are some of the best on-the-go keto snack ideas. Those are two the best that I found at Walmart.

The other option that I found at Walmart in terms of jerky and sticks with these Jack Link’s. Beef sticks. What I like about these is that they’re individually wrapped, so you have portion control to these, and also each one of these only has one net carb.

These are individually wrapped. You get six of them in a box and each one costs about $ 1. The entire box is five dollars and 98 cents, but a dollar per meat stick, I think, is a really fair price, because usually beef jerky beef sticks are kind of more expensive.

You’re paying for convenience and in this case, you’re, also paying for portion control delicious speaking of keto snacks at Walmart that have portion control already built into them. These p3 protein packs some of them not all of them, have great keto macros, for instance, this turkey ham and cheddar, one amazing keto macros, only two net carbs per package and this turkey bacon and Colby jack.

One also has great macros for keto. Each package is less than a gram of carbs. I guess you could say that these are kind of like a keto lunchable. They’re, a dollar 68 each and as far as on-the-go keto snack ideas.

I think that’s, a pretty fair price for these, so those p3 snacks are actually a great lead into the next Walmart keto, snack idea that I have for you, and that is the stuffed pimento olives from pearls and the reason I say that Is because, just like those p3 snacks, these olives by pearls are individually wrapped, so they’re great.

When you’re on the go great for travel, put them in your lunchbox for work for school. There are also zero carbs, so that’s awesome and this entire four pack is only two dollars and 38 cents, which i think is a pretty fair price for a super.

Convenient on-the-go, keto snack option. Alright, so in the olive section of Walmart is one of my favorite Locard keto snacks, and that is dill pickles. I love salty stuff. I love pickles from time to time I’ll snack on these.

I’ll, have three four or five two time. The great thing about these is that each one only has about one gram of carbs and you get about 20 in a container. An entire container only costs a dollar eighty eight.

So you get a ton of keto snacking for a really great price, and I know it might sound a little strange to snack on pickles. But it’s. What I like to do – and if I’m talking about keto snacks from Walmart, I have to include these, so I think you guys can tell that I love keto snacks that have portion control already built into them.

I’m. The kind of person who has very little self-control, so you put me in front of a big bag of potato chips. I will take it as a personal mission to eat the entire bag. Now I think, portion control is especially important when it comes to snacking on nuts.

So I’m, the kind of person who will not buy the big jar of nuts, because I will overeat on a big jar of nuts. However, planter’s has something called this heart-healthy mix. They’re individually, wrapped packages of nuts and each individually wrapped package only has that carbs and as far as the variety of nuts you get in each package, you get peanuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans walnuts and they’re all coated in a Touch of salt.

So if I’m gonna stack on nuts, this is how I’m gonna. Do it Walmart obviously, has these probably some other stores have them. I’m, not really 100 %. Sure I know at Walmart this is five dollars and 18 cents for this seven pack of prepackaged nuts, but once again it’s a little bit more expensive, probably than buying that big bulk jar of nuts would be.

But you get the added benefit of portion control already built in to your snack option. Of course you could always. You know, take that big jar of nuts and then just porch them out into Ziploc bags, but I don’t have portion control.

I will still eat out of that big jar of nuts when the nuts are not in those bags. So I just don’t even keep those in my house keep these in my house. So I know what I’m sacking on and that’s that so, if you have self-control and you’re not like me, because I have none a great keto snack idea at Walmart.

Are these mount Aloha? I’m sure I said that wrong: Maui, onion and garlic macadamia nuts. The reason I love these is because they’re delicious and each serving only has two grams of net carbs, but they are kind of expensive every jar.

These is five dollars and 68 cents, and you can see this is a pretty small jar. So if you’re trying to be kind of frugal about your keto snacks, this might not be the best option for you, but they are really delicious.

Literally, a cool ranch Dorito in nut form that’s. What these are perfect amount of salt, onion and garlic, just absolutely delicious, maybe a little bit too delicious. Actually I got ta. I got ta put the cap on these before I eat this entire jar macadamia nuts, so check these out.

If you have self-control not like me, another keto snack at Walmart, that is great for people with self-control are the blue diamond, bold salt and vinegar almonds. They have a bunch of different flavors of these, but the salt and vinegar are by far the best flavor, they literally taste like salt and vinegar, potato chips, just like those packet Dameon nuts taste like Cool Ranch.

Doritos. Now, like I said, these are great for people with self-control because they’re, not portioned out. So like people like me, we can eat the entire container. These vary very easily and even though the macros on these salt and vinegar, almonds are great, each serving only has two net carbs.

You still have to be mindful of your calories, even when you’re, doing the keto diet and there are a lot of calories in this small container of salt and vinegar almonds. So proceed with keto snacking caution.

If you decide to grab these, they are dangerously delicious. By the way, these are only three dollars in twenty three cents, a can at Walmart, which i think is the best price you’re gonna find at any store at least it’s.

The best price that I’ve found so as far as price goes for these, I think they’re, pretty fairly priced, and if you love salt and vinegar stuff like I do, you totally should try these just if you do decide To try them have a little self-control when you’re enjoying them, because it really is easy to eat the entire container of these nice amazing, so much salt, so much vinegar.

So much flavor. They’re, more flavorful than salt and vinegar potato chips. It makes no sense, but it’s. True, alright! So let’s. Talk about cheese because there’s; a few really great cheese, keto snack options at Walmart, the first of which are the baby Bell mini cheese wheels.

You guys know. I love prepackaged portioned out things. These mini baby Bell cheese wheels are just that these are great not only because they have great macros. I mean in particular the carbs it’s, a zero carb snack, but also because the price is pretty great, too three dollars and 49 cents.

For this six pack of cheese – and these are really a great keto snack any time of the day, but especially when you’re on the go and you don’t have time to prepare any kind of a snack for your lunchbox.

Just toss one two or three in there and boom you’re all set to snack at work school wherever soft creamy sharp cheddar, though delicious alright. So next on my Walmart keto snack list are the great value.

Cheese sticks when you’re. Looking for the cheese sticks, you want to make sure you find the ones that are kind of flat, because those are actually zero. Carbs. The round ones have like about a half a gram or so of carbs to them, but the flat ones are truly zero carbs.

So if you’re, looking for the lowest carb, most keto friendly cheese, stick option at Walmart be flattered. Sticks are the ones that you want to find. Also, these are really great price. Obviously, the bag says great value, and these are really great value, two dollars and sixty eight cents for the entire 12 pack of these.

So, as far as I’m concerned, these are one of the best keto snacks at Walmart. The price is great, the macros are great and they taste great too alright. So next up we have the panino prosciutto wrapped mozzarella cheese sticks.

I like these. For a couple of reasons, number one: there’s, only four ingredients, pasteurized milk, cheese, cultures, pork and salt number. Two, the macros are great on these. They have less than a half a gram of carbs per stick.

But with that being said, this is kind of a pricier keto snack option. Each package is four dollars in 97 cents. So if you’re trying to live that frugal keto snack lifestyle, I’m, not sure this is the best keto snack idea for you.

So far we’ve just done a bunch of savory keto snacks at Walmart, but I ‘ Ve got a couple just a couple of sweet keto snacks that you can find their number one is the sugar-free jell-o. Now this is Winky sugar-free jell-o, it’s, just a better deal than actually buying je ll, o jello, and you get a nice variety pack in here you get lemon-lime strawberry, sour cherry and orange.

So a pretty decent variety pack, you get 12 of these and it’s, two dollars and 64 cents for this entire package. The great thing about sugar-free jell-o is that it’s, zero carbs, which is amazing. So this is another one of those carb free, keto snacks that you find at Walmart and I feel like we’ve done a few of these more than a few on today’s video.

So there’s. A lot of really low carb options there, so the macros are on point. The price is on point. As far as I’m concerned, this is another one of the best keto snacks that you’re gonna find at Walmart.

I’m, giving my sour cherry on guys alright. So we are now down to the final snack on by Walmart keto snack list, and the final snack is the quest protein bars. The birthday cake protein bar in particular not all their protein bars.

Are this good, but this one is my favorite protein bar of all time. Well, that being said, this bar only has four net carbs, and the price of this is less than two dollars. It’s a dollar. Ninety eight is what I paid for it, so good worth the money.

If you never had the birthday cake quest bar, you are missing out, because this is by far their best bar. You will not be disciplined, especially if you like birthday cake, flavored things it’s buttery its creamy, the outside, just like melts in your mouth.

The inside is chewy, perfect cake, batter, flavor, so good, like literally so freakin good. No, I had double protein mark, so I think those are some of the best Keter snacks walmart has to offer. I’m sure I miss some though so, if I did, let me know what you think some of the best ones are in the comments below with that being said.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s, keto snack video hope it gave you some new ideas on what to pick up at Walmart and I hope you give some of them a shot. So thank you guys so much for watching. I will see you in the next video
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