1 Minute Keto Brownies | The BEST EASY Low Carb Keto Brownie Recipe


Hey what’s happening guys today, we are making the best easy, fudgy, low-carb, keto brownies, you’re ever gonna make, and this keto brownie recipe it’s! Perfect! If you struggle with portion control like I do, because this recipe only makes two keto brownies, so there’s, no temptation of having an entire batch of brownies laying around your house.

If you make this recipe, that said, let’s, get right into it, and I’ll. Show you how to make the best Easi keto brownies, alright. So, as always, the first thing we’re gonna do is get out our food scale and then we’re, also going to get out a medium sized bowl.

Now, as you’re, seeing here, the first thing we’re gonna add to that bowl is two tablespoons or 28 grams of cut-up. Salted butter now want to take out some keto chocolate chips and, as a lot of you guys know, I love these semi-sweet ones from Lily’s.

Not only are they delicious, but they also have zero net carbs anyways. For today’s. Keto brownie recipe want to add around two tablespoons or 21 grams of those chocolate chips. So once we’ve added those to the bowl want to melt the butter and chocolate chips together and just about twenty to thirty seconds, and the microwave should do the trick or you can melt them together in a pot on the stove.

Now, at this point, we’re gonna take a spatula and mix the butter and chocolate chips together until eight chocolate, sauce forms and then to make these low-carb keto brownies extra fudgy and extra gooey.

We’ll, want to add another three-quarters of a tablespoon or seven grams of those keto chocolate chips and then mix those into the sauce as well. Next, we’re gonna add the main ingredient for these keto brownies and that’s, almond flour, so, for today’s, Quito brownie recipe we’re gonna add just less than a half a cup Or 50 grams of almond flour to our bowl and then we’re gonna sweeten up our brownies in a totally keto friendly sugar, free way by using confection or swerve.

That said, we want to add around two and a half tablespoons or twenty grams that stuff to make today’s, a low-carb keto brownie recipe. So once that’s, taken care of, we’re gonna add even more chocolatey deliciousness to these keto brownies by adding a tablespoon or five grams of dark unsweetened cocoa powder.

Now we’re all set to mix the ingredients together until a crumbly Sisseton see forms in the bulb, and once that happens, we can use our hands to form a ball of brownie dough. So, as you’re, seeing here, we’re gonna add half of the dough to a small plate and start forming the shape of a brownie out of the dough.

When that’s, looking pretty good, you can totally eat these as a no-bake brownie or you can warm them up in either the microwave for about 20 to 30 seconds or add them to a baking sheet and bake them in the oven.

For around 5 minutes at 350 degrees and then check this out, look how much we gooey fudgy kedo, brownie deliciousness each one of these has and, as always guys check out the video description below for more info on today’s, easy keto, brownie recipe.

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